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School was - is always boring. You know, staring out the window waiting for the bell to go off and stuff like that. But today was defenitely not one of those days.

Well my day started a little crappy, you know, with all my sister 'dating' a lesbo. I'm still trying to get over that idea but anyway, my day turned out to be great.

I was sitting in my English class, painting my nails and something like that when a freshmen came. She said I was being called to the principal's office. When I stood up, Darius and Terrence were giving me 'WTF-look'. I just shrugged my shoulders and followed the freshmen to the office.

Now I'm sitting in the recieving area of the office, still trying to figure out why I'm even here. Sitting with my legs overlapping each other while checking my half-done nails the secretary keep glancing at me. Maybe pondering what my gender is.

I was never called to the office, ever.I have good grades, I never skip classes, and I don't cause any trouble like the twins. I think this is where I start freaking out. What if they decided to ban gays from the school? Or transfer me to an all-boy school? What if- hey that wasn't a bad idea. But seriously, what's up?

Just then the secretary called me and said that the principal was ready to sees me. What does the principal even look like? Just kidding. As I made my way to the door, the secretary was still giving me that look, I shuddered mentally. I pushed open the door and stepped inside. The room was square in size, it has high ceilings which were painted white and it has a mini chandelier hanging from it. The walls were painted grey, diplomas and pictures were nailed to it and at the north end was a large window and in front of it was the principal's large oak desk, stacked with mountains of paperwork.

"You must be Troy. Please do have a seat". Said a smiling man behind the desk. He was a medium built in his late 40's. He was wearing a white button down shirt under a suite. What really completed his persona was his smile which was both intimidating and heartwarming. It was a little creepy though. I was caught in his creepy smile that I haven't realized he was talking to me.

"Sorry sir. But could you repeat your question?" I said. He smiled again and leaned forward.

"I was asking how you're doing in the tennis club?" He said.

"Well, I'm still getting used to it." I replied. I just started out seven months ago. I was previously a swimmer, a national winner at that. But because of a certain accident and doctor's orders, I have to quit the sport.

"Is that so? Well then-"

The principal was cut off when his secretary's voice spoke through the intercom.

"Excuse me sir. Coach Harold is here to see you. He says that he has an appointment with you."

"Really?" The principal asked himself rather to the secretary. He scratch his chin like he was thinking. "Oh yeah. I almost forgot! Yes, yes. Do let him in."

Coach Harold? He was my swimming coach. It has been a long time since we last spoke to each other. Oh my gii. What will I do?

My train of thoughts were disturbed when the door opened and revealed my swimming coach. A tall man in his 50's, broad shoulders, muscular arms and a stoic face. I shivered as I remembered how my past trainings were.

"Ah Harold. Come in and take a seat." The principal said.

"I can't believe you forgot about this appointment Phil." My coach said as he crossed his arms across his chest looking at Principal Phil. So that was his name.

"Now, now don't be like that. Just sit and let's begin".

Coach Harold took the seat opposite from me. He glanced at me quickly and I swear he smiled. Something is up but I just can't figure it out. And why am I here?!

"I was asking Troy about how he was doing in his present club before you came. And he said that he was still getting used to it." Principal Phil said to coach with his usual smile.

"If that's the case, I don't know what will he say if I tell him the news."

"I'm right here you." I said. They chuckled at my retort.

Coach Harold turned to me and smiled. "Pixie, I don't know if this will be good news or not to you," He began as he used his old nickname for me.

"But," He continued. "I'm going to ask if you'll be interested in joining the swimming team?"

Guess there will be no all-boy school after all.


I can't believe what's happening to me right now. How could this day get any worse? My new trainers were my own brothers? Where the freaking hell did they get an idea like this? This was the only place in the entire world that I could get away from them; my training, school and my personal life!

¡Dios mio!

"Is this one of your pranks again dweebs?!" I screamed at Francis.

"I'm afraid not my dear sister. Like it or not we'll be your new trainers." He replies while wiggling his eyebrows.

"Oh come on twerp It isn't that bad". came protest from Travis who was actually fighter 2. I facepalmed and let my hand slide down my face. The rage and anger boiling inside me, I just glared at them with all my might.

"Càlmate Alex. I was the one who dragged them here." Coach Diaz interjected. "I'm not as young as back then you know. And you're a chico problemàtico. No offense."

"None taken. But what's the point?" I asked.

"I'll still be your coach, but your brothers will be ones to spar and discipline you further on."

My shoulders were drooping by every word. My life was about to become a living hell. Why you ask? Well let's see, shall we? There's Coach Diaz, he is strict and merciless. As if it that isn't enough, I got additional training sessions as to make up for detention. Courtesy of my two best friends. And to top it all, I'm gonna spend all the allotted time with my moronic brothers.

Hold on!

"Hey dweebs?" I called out.

"Yeah?" They both replied.

"What about swimming?"

Travis got from one of the bleachers he was sitting at and joined us on the mat beside his twin. "Oh that?" He spoke.

"We got a replacement. We aren't even qualified for nationals, so it was cool." Said Francis.

I looked at them incredulously. "And Coach Harold was okay with that?"

They shrugged and spoke at the same time. "Well . . . yeah".

Coach Diaz then placed a hand on my shoulder. "Harold said he got a new replacement for the twins. He said that he was an old student. And would be joining us during the training camp."

"A replacement? And would be in training camp? I thought that was only required for national players?" I asked.

"Don't worry Alex. I know Harold, he won't settle for less. He said the kid was a three-time national champion."

Three-time? Woah, impressive much.

"That means both of you are to compete for nationals."

Travis walked and stood at my left while Francis was at my right.

"So let's start with the training, shall we?"

Could this day get any worse?!

Boy, how right I was.


I sat there staring at coach. He was asking me if I want to be on the team again. My heart swelled up and maybe even jumped because of happiness. Swimming is my life. To be honest, I never really enjoyed playing tennis as much as I was in the waters.

"You're serious?" I asked, my voice hitching.

Coach Harold and principal Phil exchanged knowing smiles. "As serious as I'll ever be. So are you interested? If you want I'll give you time to-"

"The hell with time. I'm starting right now!" I exclaimed as I shot up from my seat. Oh my golly freaking wow. I was never this. . . this happy in my life.

I was smiling like total idiot from ear to ear. Seven months . . . seven months of daydreaming, seven months of bathing at beach and seven months of submerging myself in the bathtub thinking I was underwater again. Finally, I get to taste my freedom again.

I can't wait for practice later.

Dios mio - My god.

Calmate - Calm down.