Golden Dahlias

Berlin, Germany, 1941

German Command Center, Office of Fürher Adolf Hitler

"That damned U.N. is so ignorant…" Fürher Adolf Hitler growled as he stormed into his office, steam practically pouring out of his ears like a freight train's spout. General August Dietrich followed dutifully behind his Fürher, closing the door respectfully behind him. "They don't see our true intentions, sir. They aren't visionaries like you are. They all left us and our country to die in the dust and rubble of their destruction. You ought not to let them stop you sir. They didn't when they tore us down, you cannot allow them that privilege now." The General tried in a soothing voice.

The Fürher only growled again and smacked his lamp off of his desk, "Nein! Nein! Are you blind Dietrich?! That is exactly what they are trying to do! I am only getting back what Germany deserves and repaying those idiots to what they've done to us! And now they say that?! Nein, I will not allow them that! Not when we've come so fucking far!" he shouted. Dietrich stood calmly, listening to his ruler. "Well…Herr Fürher… what should we do? If we go too far…" Dietrich trailed off. "Are you telling me you're afraid of those damned Allies, Heerführer? " Hitler sneered, placing his hands on his desk and rising out of his seat.

"Nein, Herr!" Dietrich defended, throwing up his hands. Hitler rolled his eyes, "You're a damned fool, Dietrich." He groaned and sat down behind his mahogany desk, emblazoned with a red swastika tapestry. Hitler sighed and rubbed the bridge of his nose. "I'll figure something out. It shouldn't be too hard. Danke, you can go." He waved his General away. August nodded and walked from the room. The stresses of war were really starting to drag on the General. There were times where he really just didn't even see the point if everyone was just going to bicker. But then he'd remember , "Äh ja, es ist für Deutschland…" (Oh yes, it's for Germany)

August sighed and shoved his hands into his pockets as he left the building. "I don't think I'll ever actually understand politics…" he murmured to himself, walking out of the gates. He needed something to distract him from all the fighting. August was never truly a fighter. He only joined the Nazi Reich to help build his country up again. The Allies had left it in complete and total ruins. There were times it seemed the country of Germany would never be the same again. But that only motivated August to keep trying to right the wrongs.

He looked at his wrist watch, it wasn't near anytime to stop at the bar and get drunk just yet. Yet. So he decided to wander around Berlin. This was one of his favorite cities. He loved to watch the bustle of people as they lived their daily lives. He always regretted though, watching when other Nazi soldiers would beat or even kill civilians on the street because they were Jews, gypsies, or homosexuals. Yes, that was the rule, no one like that was good enough to be a part of the Nazi ruled world. It terrified August, not because he was afraid of his fellow men or that they simply followed orders, but because August was one of the many Nazis tried there damnest to execute.

With a sigh, August rubbed his eyes and continued his stroll down the street. It was hard to live in the city nowadays. So many of the shops he enjoyed were now off limits due to them being Jewish affiliated. August coughed into his hand and crossed the street, stumbling to a stop as he noticed a dainty little shop nestled between a tailor's and a florist. He stood in front of it, hands in his pockets, looking like a lost child as he eyed the shop. He'd never noticed it before. The sign above it was written in a dull gold colored cursive script: "Goldene Dahlia-Süßigkeiten" (Golden Dahlia Confectionary).

Curiosity boiling to the brim, General August Dietrich opened the door to the quaint confectionary, bell tingling, and walked in. He was instantly hit with the mixed scents of chocolate, fresh fruit, pastries and powdered sugar. It was practically heaven, so thought the General. August had a sweet tooth like no one would believe. "Wünderbar…" he murmured as he drank in the beauty of the sweetly golden and chocolate colored interior of the shop. "Hallo." came a voice from behind the counter that was decorated with fine chocolates behind the glass.

August's cheeks pinkened and his eyes widened. The woman the voice belonged to was the most stunningly attractive woman he has ever seen. She stood there, tanned hair, sweetly curled, laid over her shoulders, deep blue eyes and red lips, curved into a smile. She wore a brown apron over her that read the shop's name in golden stitching. Her name tag, also in gold, read "Aloise". Aloise…how beautiful. The General cleared his throat and walked up to the counter. "Can I help you, Herr?" Aloise asked politely, her voice as sweet as the chocolate she made. August looked down at the counter and examined the products. Noticing flower shaped chocolates, edible golden paint decorating them, he pointed, finger tapping the glass, "Was ist das?" (What is that?) He asked. "They are our signature treat. Chocolate Dahlias." Aloise explained. "They are quite popular. Many people like to give them instead of real flowers"

The General nodded in understanding. "I see, well then, I'd like one of those, bitte." He smiled, taking out his wallet. Aloise nodded and opened the cabinet, taking a chocolate Dahlia and placing it into a small box. "Zwei Deutschmarks, bitte Herr." She sang ever so sweetly. August smiled, enjoying the sound of her voice and took the box. "Danke, Fräulein" Their hands brushed as the boxed delight exchanged hands. August smirked, seeing the light blush that crept across Aloise's cheeks. "Danke" he thanked again and left the shop smiling down at the box the whole way home.

August set the box down on the kitchen table and opened it carefully. He gently picked it up, as if It were the delicate flower it resembled. It definitely was a master piece. He almost didn't want to eat it! Breaking off a small outer petal, he popped it into his mouth and was instantly drowned in miraculous flavors. The sweet milk chocolate plus what must be a hint of the signature Dahlia blended together oh so perfectly.

So he took a bite. August was instantly in love as the Dahlia-chocolate and caramel center filled his mouth. He knew there was no way there would only be one stop in at the shop. August walked from the kitchen, chocolate still in hand and headed to his bedroom, loosening his tie as he did.

He set the caramel filled delight onto his dresser and undressed. August hated this time of day. He always was forced to see what he desperately wished he wasn't, especially during the time he lived. August licked the leftover caramel from his finger and began to unbutton his shirt. The binding over his chest had been kept hidden under his shirt as it had been for years. He took off his hat, hair cropped short. It used to be so long, he remembered. Almost like Aloise's in a lighter blonde color. But that was when August was Adelaide

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