All I am

All I ever will be

Is with my pack

I am nothing

But a pup

On my own

I was born

To lead

To make certain

To not doubt

I am nothing now

Without my pack

The moon isn't bright

The stars don't twinkle

If I am not with my pack

I would run for all eternity

If my destination

Was my pack

I would climb higher

Jump farther

Swim the fastest

If my prize

Was my pack

I am loyal

I do not disobey

I am a good son

Good hunter

And good packmate

Now I am nothing

I cannot howl

My sorrows to the Moon

The wind carries

My voice away

I have no strength

To search any longer

My pack has gone

Over the gully

But I am stuck

On this side

No matter how much

I search

I can never find

My way back home

But my pack awaits

So I must go on

Then maybe come morning

I will see their pelts

Glimmering in moonlight

Then we shall sing

To the stars

To the Moon

We will become the

Forest's Spirit

Become the Moon

Become One