Why let such evil prevail?

Why let such hate run free?

For parents to do what they like

And for children to be hurt

Is not okay

It's notokay


Their sky is falling, their world is ending

They cry and cut and scream

But no one listens

They are left sitting there

Hope they'll be okay.


Where were you when they needed you?

Where are you right now?

You say you're against it

Show me

Do something to help them

Before it's all too late

And they're gone


It's yourresponsibility

It's my responsibility

To save the lives of children in pain

Because every time someone keeps their mouths shut

And every time someone ignores it

The pain will get worse

And another life will be destroyed


You could be doing something to help

You could be saving a life

But if you'd rather not

That's fine, I guess

Just leave them there to die


But you'll always know

That you could have helped

To save that child

And that the fault is just as much yours

As it is the parent that beat them