"Hello, Blue Eyes. Hello, Don't Cry. I know what it's like. Hello Blue Eyes. I will sing your distorted Lullabies."- Halestorm

She closed the door, locking it; He rested his head against it.

"Please… Open the door…" It was a losing battle and he knew it. She wouldn't open the door for all his money could buy. But still he pleaded with her; he'd beg all night if it would bring her back to his arms. "Please…"

She was silent. There wasn't much to say anyhow. It had been a bad night from the very start and it was quickly getting worse. She sobbed, tears slipping down her cheeks. She was deeply hurt; He had just crossed the line. She was alone now… both in her mind and her heart. But she didn't need her Knight anymore… She could save herself; just like before! Deep down… she knew that was just wishful thinking… False hope, as her mother used to say.

He leaned into the door, trying to listen to her. He could hear her sobs. He sighed and ran his hand through his hair in frustration. He had really fucked up this time, royally. He punched the wall, letting out a shout of irritation. This night was shit… and quite possibly every other night after it would be just the same. He pressed his ear to the door; She was silent…

"Baby…? You alright..?" His gut told him that she just wasn't.

She laid there, staring up at the bright bathroom lights. She looked at the label on the pill bottle, most of it blurred. How many had she swallowed? Not enough, she figured. She pressed her forehead to the cool porcelain of the bathtub. Her vision swam, blueish dots dancing just out of the corner of her eyes. She let out a sigh, her muscles relaxing.

He knocked now, hard and frantic raps. "Baby! Open the door! Please!" He was running out of time. Inside his mind played out the worst of situations. He jiggled the handle; still locked! He pleaded more, banging louder but to no avail. He shoved his body into the solid door, trying to open it. He seized his knife and jammed it between the door and the frame. He pushed and pried, trying to break the lock.

She smiled, feeling better. She felt… good. But something was still wrong. She whispered his name, the words getting caught in her throat. She tried to unlock the door, but her body seems heavy. Her limbs refused to respond and she panicked.

Her mind suddenly came back to life, but yet her body was still dying slowly. The door was blown open.

He scooped her up, taking her to the bed and setting her down. He checked for the bottle, looking to his wife in dismay. He reached for the phone, despite her silent protests, and called for an EMT. He grasped her hand, squeezing to let her know he's there.

"Oh God… why? Why did you… Oh Baby…" He leaned over her and checked to see if she was still breathing. He heard her mumble softly, incoherent words slipping from her lips. He checked the clock. "Where the hell are they!?"

She looked up at him and smiled. He looked like an angel… a bright bluish tint surrounded him. She tried to touch his cheek, but her arm was heavy. In fact, she was so heavy. She just wanted to sleep… just a quick nap. Her eyes had then started to roll.

He shook her, begging for her to stay. "Please… I need you… I'm so sorry. So Sorry!" He held her close, not wanting to let her go. Red flashing lights had just pulled into their driveway.