The Priest recited his prayers as the Officer led the Convict down the hall. The Convict, a gruff Man of 37, gave a small sob. In the past few days, while awaiting his execution, he had grown quite attached to his life. Even though, only months before, he had been living in reckless abandon.

The Man glanced around at the many faces turned towards him out of respect and curiosity. "Dead Man Walking..." He muttered darkly to himself, turning his face towards the ground and earning some sympathetic half-smiles from fellow convicts. He heaved another sob as they continued their trek to the chair. Part of him sought comfort in the fact that he wouldn't be around for much longer. One less creep for this world to worry about...

The Man looked up once more, eyes meeting with a few worn gazes. They all knew what horror lay before them; what was really behind that big, heavy, solid oak door. The Man nodded to his friends, fellow inmates who had been handed their final verdict also. Their crimes, their sins... reflected back at him. More prominently, his crimes seemed to hang around his neck, heavily. Every child he had abducted and brutally murdered, screamed in unison behind his eyes. One in particular out of the 6, Lauren McKenzie, or Lulu as he called her, screamed the loudest. She was the last, before he had gotten caught, and the one that looked the most like his 7 year old daughter, Elizabeth. His 7 year old daughter, he had almost never got to hold. His 7 year old daughter, he had never gotten to see simply because of a Greedy, Spiteful Woman. A prickle in the corners of his eyes began to creep up on The Man. He moved to wipe a tear away, his shackles clanking loudly.

Lauren McKenzie was 6 years old, only a year younger than His Elizabeth, sitting there on the swings in Aleut Park. Her cutesy blond pig-tails, and yellow bow hair clips... She had been so innocent... Lauren smile towards him had been so inviting. The way The Man guessed Elizabeth's smile would be when she called out for her Daddy. The Man had smiled back at her and offered to push her on the swing, as high as he could. From then, The Man had deviously lured Lauren away from the swings with a classic promise of candy and goodies. At the time, he had been so giddy that children this age would always fall for the trick.

Two Officers strapped the man into the chair, securing his wrists and legs. They took off his boots, placing his feet in a bin of cold water. The Man shivered. One of the officers strapped the head plate on, while the other placed the cloth bag over The Man's head. Darkness lined his vision and he smiled sadly to himself. The Priest's prayers had long since faded, and a solemn silence hung heavy in the air. The Officer swallowed hard, a lump forming in his throat. Every time he threw the switch, it seemed a little part of him died.

Two-Thousand Volts of electricity raced through the platform and the body. The Man's body jerked violently and went limp, the smell of seared flesh soon followed.