Before I knew you I used to hang on the words of strangers-
Stray whispers in the lines of coffee shops and
Conversations with the checkout girl at the grocery store.

But now, part of me craves the vibration of your voice
wishes to catch each syllable as it drips from the lips that so often occupy my dreams.
Part of me is homesick for your bed. Part of me yearns for the familiar scent of your skin.
Like cashmere.

But part of me remembers the sun kissed days of third grade.
Grass stains on my knees and mud in my hair and a smile on my heart.
I played soccer and drank milkshakes like they were water.

And sometimes a part of me wishes to fast forward through the next twenty years
How freeing it would be to be shackled to the confines of normalcy.
My white picket fence dreams seem so real in the face of their
I would cut my hair to my shoulders
And marry a man I once knew.
My drawers would be filled with paper mache hearts.

Yet part of me wishes
To stop making wishes.
Divergent mind, divergent heart.
Buried in the warm, wet earth
Your satin lips and my scraped knees and the pure white fence might all exist
at once.