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I haven't always been a human. I used to be a swan. I met a fairy and she granted me a wish. I didn't know why, but I wished to be a human. I didn't know what they were at the time. I just knew that they were always kind to me.

My name is Clara, Clara Zeppa.

I haven't always been a human. I used to be a swan.

Specifically I was a black swan that lived in a pond in London. I had been brought over from Australia when I was a signet. I don't know why.

I lived in the pond with other swans; white ones. They didn't like me. I used to get attacked by the others whenever food came or it was time to sleep. I had to eat and sleep away from the others.

One day, while I was swimming on the far side of the pond, I met a fairy. She was a sweet little thing, eyes as blue as the sky and hair as golden as the sun. She granted me a wish, because she'd been watching me for a long time and knew I was unhappy.

I didn't know why, but I wished to be a human. I didn't know what they were at the time. I just knew that they were always kind to me. The little walking creatures would feed me and make a strange sound and run to the big walking creatures when they ran out of food. The big walking ones would feed me as well sometimes. There was one big walking one that moved slowly and when it would feed the other swans it left the best bits for me.

Thus, because of their kindness, I wished that I could be like them. I wanted to be around the creatures that walked because I knew that they would be kind to me.

The little fairy granted my wish. She told me something, but I didn't remember what it was until much later.


The next morning, I woke on the grass beside the pond naked. It was cold. I remember shivering. I examined my new body with a heightened awareness. It had long black, curly feathers sweeping from the top of me. Feathers wasn't the right word, but I didn't know what else to call it. I didn't understand anything that was happening to me. Thought frightened me, and when I tried to fly away to somewhere I knew was safe, I couldn't. This frightened me more.

I didn't know it then, but that was when I had my first nervous breakdown.

I curled into a ball on the cold grass and shivered and cried. I don't know how much time passed, not much I think, but someone found me; one of the big walking creatures. It made the funny sound I had always heard at the pond, and the sound relaxed me. This was something I knew, that sound. I un-curled enough to look up at the Big Walking One, and found myself staring at a face and for the first time ever, I could understand the subtle differences between facial features one human to another. I liked these features. They were kind, and made my stomach knot. A feeling I had not known before. The new feeling scared me and I cringed away from the walking one. The kind face cooed its sounds to me, and gave me its skin. I didn't understand how it could take its skin off. I had seen it before and never thought anything of it. It was not worth thought. Now I was curious. How did the walking one remove its skin like that? Would it not be cold with no skin?

As the Walker put its skin around me, I felt my arms and torso warm where it touched. The warmth was also from the closeness of the Big Walker. The Walker picked up my arms and put them into holes in the skin and then put the skin back together in front of me. All the while making the cooing sound I knew. The face of the Walker grew pink while it was putting the skin back together and I was curious about that as well. Would my face turn pink?

The Walker took me back to it's home where it gave me food. I didn't recognize a lot of it, but it smelled wonderful so I ate it.

Suddenly a dog appeared, and I felt my stomach twist in fear. I shrieked in alarm and pulled my legs up so that it couldn't get at me. How could I escape the dog without my wings?

The Walker threw itself in front of the dog and fearlessly grabbed its neck. I stared in wonder. Did the Walker not know how much damage the dog could do?

The Walker took the dog away and locked it somewhere I couldn't see it, and gradually I calmed down. I still didn't put my legs down for a while. The Walker made sounds at me for a while, and I found that I could understand he was trying to tell me something. Like the white swans, he was trying to communicate with me. I didn't think he was telling me to eat away from him. I had just eaten with him a moment ago, so it couldn't be that.

It clicked without warning. He was pointing to himself and repeating the same sounds. It must mean something.
"Jared," The Walker repeated and I tried to copy the sounds.

"Garrr-d?" I mimicked and the face of the Walker lit with pleasure.

"Ja-r-ed," he pronounced slowly.

"Jaa-rr-d" I mimicked, doing much better this time. The Walker nodded and smiled, and I felt delighted. I leapt off the chair and stumbled around the room pointing at objects and saying the one word I knew.

The Walker shook his head, and pointed to himself again.

"Jared," he said. Then he pointed to the things I had touched and made different sounds and the last piece of the puzzle clicked. The Walker was 'Jared' the other things were something else. Did everything have a name? How could I communicate with the Walker if I knew was his name? Did I have a name?

I pointed to myself questioningly and after a little while the Walker understood.

"Did you want me to name you?" he asked me, even though I didn't understand.

"Alright," Jared signed and ran his hand through his hair. "How about Clara?" he asked. From that moment on, I was Clara.

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