I think I began writing Sahiré's story when I first learnt of the idea that man could hold the stars in his grasp. Suddenly, my vision expanded to include the sky. There was the freedom to create what I had sought for, without someone to stop me.

Sahiré, Leyla, Drevan and Andrew don't let me dictate their stories. They make their own and I write it down. They don't let me tell them what to do, to say, to think, to feel…a huge disadvantage of creating gollums. But I don't mind. I don't think I'm capable of thinking up half of the things Sahiré says.

You might not like her much, or you might love her. She tends to inspire strong emotions in whoever she meets. She can be unscrupulous and slightly anachronistic. There is a mammoth gulf between what she says and what she does. But, I hope that you will regard her as a person in her own right, judge her and find her entirely worth every word I wrote for her.

Thank you, reader.
Olivia Das (Kekkara-Ni)


You know I intend to test-drive this story here. I might even make money from it later. Of course, that all depends on all of you. If I have mistakes, tell me. If you hate her, shoot me a review. Sahire was born from the common people. A part of her is you.