Daniel Blake looked around London and softly sighed. Things have been so crazy in Daniel's life. Being the best secret agent, Daniel was mainly working. He always did the best that he possibly could, and to do this he didn't really have a personal life. His 'friends' consisted of the other secret agents that he worked with. He was close to the mother of the headquarters, the agents call her Mia, and another girl that he worked with.

Daniel worked with this secret agent a few different times, and he was astonished by her beauty. Her name was Jasmine Burke, and Daniel found himself drawn to her quite often. They were great as a team, and Daniel valued their time together, but he didn't have time for any relationships at this point in his life. He had to get the job done, and get it done right.

"Daniel, Mia has another case for you." Jasmine said as she walked over to him. "Oh, is that right? Will you be joining me?" Daniel asked as he then walked away, with a smirk on his face. Daniel could be very charming. That was just the person he was, and plus thats how he got into so many relationships with women. His charming personality, and his good looks.

"Blake sit down now." Mia demanded while calling him by his last name, not his first. Daniel took a seat across from her desk and waited for her to say something. "You realize that every single mission you do, London is counting on you to do it right?" Mia asked as she took a seat at her desk. "Yes Mia. You know I give 100 percent every time I go out on a mission." "I do. That is why I am handing this one over to you." Mia said as she pushed a small folder across her desk.

Daniel opened the folder up only to see the mugshot of Kieran Slater. Daniel was familiar with this man, for they use to be friends when they were in grade school. Once they got into the sixth grade, Slater wanted nothing to do with Daniel, and Daniel was fine with that. Besides, it obviously worked out for the best, considering now Daniel was being hired to catch Slater.

"He's putting London in great danger. He's threatened many people in the United Kingdom, and his threats are just going to get more powerful. He is going to get stronger, unless you stop him Mr. Blake." Daniel looked at Mia and then looked down at his folder. He was going to accept the mission no matter what it was, but this may end up being a little more personal to Daniel than other missions are.

"Mia, is he working with anyone? Who do I need to go to before I can get him." "I don't know if he is working with anyone or not, but you are supposed to find that out, Mr. Blake. If you find someone else that is working with him, then you need to get all the information from that person, and then terminate them." Daniel looked at Mia and with his rough looking face, he agreed. Daniel Blake was on a mission, and he was well ready for it.