Not everything I do is a dream come true

That I completely know

Yet as I feel, this I know is real

Something I must show


I miss everything about you

As much as the blame is mine

I wish for everything to be as it was again

Beauty, song and wine


Not everything I do has its merits

And that I know is true

Like all humans, we falter, we break

But I know I am hopeless without you


Days are harrowing, narrowing

Making me want to cry

Ready to abandon everything I knew so dear

To get you back as my love, back here


I implore you, please forgive me

For I have no words to express

About my raging, burning inner guilt

That conquers me no less


Conqueror of my heart, come back to me

Stay together, now and forever

Forgive me as I wish upon this star

To your angelic, dear heart, no matter how far