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With those eyes you could stare a whole nation

Unaware of the true situation

Into piles of dust at your feet

Into piles of rags on the streets.


With that smile you could turn a whole country

Leave a hundred and thousand mouths hungry

To ashes and dirt and nothing but words

Nothing but arms and nothing but charms

To fool every eye

To trick every mind

To break every soul.


With those hands you could shelter the sun

Make every knot in the sky come undone

But you won't even try, you won't even start

Your lips never part

You wouldn't step forward

To shelter the sun

Or to smile or to speak

Or to open our minds

Or your own.


On your own you could save the whole world

You could save the whole world on your own

You could trick us and change us and shock and amaze us

If you'd smile

If you'd look

If you'd speak

If you'd try

Or you could let us all die.


Or you could let us all live

Or you could give us back life

Maybe we're already dead.

Maybe you killed us.

Maybe you left us.

Maybe we can't ever die.


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