Sweetly coated lips

Coax flesh to flesh

Yet no satisfaction shall emerge

With no conclusion

To such acts as this

Hidden within those lips

Lie bone in ruin

Yet larger portions still

With ceaseless indulgence

Too sweet to enjoy

Lips which graze silver

Crowned with perfection

Yet no pile quite suffices

With a kingdom falling

To the grave of tarnished gold

Warmed lips of stillness

Boredom then increasing

Yet with no desire to please but self

With conclusion without begin

To eyes filmed with nothing

Lips of painted crimson

Flick'ring knuckles and exposed brutality

Yet no restriction can hold a fist back

With agony filled cries and unmended scars

To no regretful mercilessness

Behind deceitful lips

Spite for things untouched

Yet no firm grasp

With unloved self

To death of falsehood

Curled lips of glorification

Standing 'top the world

Yet cannot place another before

With only center of self

To befall to crumbling ties

Lips of tainted purity

Falling before all else

Yet unable to resist

With temptation unendingly growing

To fall to beautified poison

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