Chapter 1: Alone- May Matthews

The café was empty except for a young couple in a booth by a corner, in another corner, at a circular table, sat a girl merely poking at the food resting on her plate. Her gaze drifted along the café and came to a stop when it met the couple. They looked cute, happy… In love. She'd never been in love, no one loved her, she'd had crushes but that wasn't true love. In her mind she wondered, 'How would feel to be truly in love? Would it be like the movies based off Nicholas Sparks books? Like the one where the girl dies?' She liked that movie, the book too. But hopefully she wouldn't die. Maybe her love story would be like The Lucky One by Nicholas Sparks. That was a true love story, even if Logan Thighboult practically stalked Elizabeth. It is romantic that he walked all the way from Colorado to find her. Just the thought of how alone she was brought salty, hot tears to her eyes, slowly they found their way down her puffy cheeks.

Her gaze never wavered away from the couple until she decided to leave the depressing café. She left her barely touched food on the table and went out to her pick-up truck. She sat there, the steering wheel in front of her, just thinking about how miserable her life was and still is. The tears, once again, flooded her eyes; this time they quickly found their way down her cheeks. She didn't care if people saw her in misery with tears streaming down her face, didn't care if people felt bad for her. All she cared about in that moment was going home.

As she drove home she caught a glimpse of herself in the car mirror, maybe that was why nobody loved her. She looked hideous. "No, you are not ugly. Don't think that, you're beautiful," her mother yelled, piercing the silence like a dagger.

"Mommy?" No answer. She should've known her mother couldn't have been talking to her. Her mom had died years ago, Charles, her father, had raised her from age six to fourteen. When she was fourteen he died in an explosion at a construction site.

Since then she had been living in the same house, paying rent, car repairs, buying food, anything that cost money was hard to afford. She was jobless. Her last job was at a bakery and that ended three months ago. Since then she had been nearly broke. She had no clue how she'd made it this far in life.

Going to school was another problem. There she was commonly known as "Freak!", "Loser!", or "Monster!". Only a single person called her by her given name, and that was her best friend Nick Ronalds.

Nick was the only person who was nice to her. As these thoughts whirled through her mind, her vision blurred and everything suddenly went black. The thoughts in her head evaporated, it felt like her mind had shut off some how. She wasn't thinking at all!

"She's waking up," an unfamiliar voice yelled. Her eyes slowly fluttered open. Above her head stood a beautiful woman. Her skin had a perfect tinge of tan, her dark hair gracefully hugged her face, and her eyes sparkled like pale blue sapphires. How she longed to look as beautiful as the woman standing next to her, and was surprised when she noticed the woman was not wearing a wedding or engagement ring on her finger. Her head was pounding forcefully and she had a jabbing pain in her leg.

"Uggg," she moaned, 'what happened?"

"You hit your head pretty hard when you smashed cars with that semi huh?"

"I was in a car crash? Is the driver ok? How long have I been here? And what's that," she asked as she gestured her hand toward the small card at the end of her bed.

"Yes you were in a car crash. The driver is doing well, just a fracture. You have been here just about a week and that's a card from a young man who visited yesterday, said his name was Nick Ronalds, and told me to inform him when you regained consciousness."

"May I see the card please?"

"Sure thing," the young doctor replied handing her the card. She told her she'd be back in about five minuets and left the room.

The card was orange with a picture of bright yellow sunflowers, the insribtion on the inside read; I hope you're doing ok! I've been so worried about you for days! Please feel better soon. Nick Ronalds. She felt a smile tug at the corners of her mouth as she read and reread the card.

Soon after the doctor returned took some x-rays and comfirmed nothing was broken she was free to go. Her leg still hurt and she stumbled when she walked out of the office. As she limped to the truck, which was damaged but not terribly, she noticed Nick standing by the door, waiting with a very worried expression n his face. "May," he cried jogging over, " are you okay?"