Watashitachi no mawari no sekai (The World Around Us)

Characters & Details

- Candi Flores

Candi Flores is 16 year old girl who was born in Mexico City on September 17, 1996. She's a very out-going person, very smart, and she gets enraged easily. Warning: DO NOT MESS WITH THIS CHICK WHEN SHE'S ANGRY. She'll screw you up. But, beneath all the anger and rage, she's a very sweet girl.

- Hana Maxwell

Hana is an intelligent 14 year old highschooler that was born in New York City on March 10, 1999. Even though Hana is the quiet type, sometimes she's a bit crazy. Hana is quite sensitive when it comes to harassment, she does not like being harassed or likes seeing anyone else being harassed.

- Joshua Fields

Joshua is a 15 year old boy who was born on July 28, 1998. Where he came from is quite a secret, no one knows. He's a very mysterious character, don't let his serious looks fool you though, he's very kindhearted. He doesn't like to take things for granted because he believe everything appears that way for a reason and it only appears once in a lifetime. He's also very adventurous.

- Kyle Wise

Kyle, or known as Mr. Wise-guy is an athletic 15 year old boy who was born and raised in Seattle, Washington on November 5, 1997. Back then, Kyle wasn't known as much as he is now being of the low self-esteem he had as a kid. In middle school, he met Renessmee, then once he began high school, he started dating her. Ever since then, he's been the popular, genuine, football player everyone calls Mr. Wise-guy.

- Luis Caztillo

Luis is the 17 year old whose family is richest in the town. He was born on April 5, 1996. Currently, Luis is a senior of High School Secundaria Del Norte and he has a crush on Candi Flores. Luis is the type of guy that does not tolerate disrespect. If anyone even dares to mess with Luis, or anyone close to him, he'll get pretty pissed off. He's currently on the soccer team called "Toros Oscuros."

- Renessmee Williams

Renessmee is a 15 year old girl born on August 17, 1997. She's the average best friend any girl could ever have. She likes to write a lot, she likes to go shopping, she likes to sleep and she eats a lot of Candy. Since she was a kid, she has always had an independent spirit with her, she's doing things on her own and that sometimes bother her boyfriend, Kyle Wise. She's a very nice person, but she gets irritated easily.