"Hana Maxwell! Get up, NOW."

"Ugh… Mom, five more minutes."

First day of school isn't easy, especially when you're coming from a different country. Here I am, in America. The land of opportunity, eh? Can I get my opportunity to go back to Japan? Or is that not included in the goddamn manual?

"NO. You're going to be late for school if I give your 'five more minutes'!"

Right now, I'm in my bed, trying to convince my mother to have mercy on my sleepy soul, it's not even the first day of school in America, and kids has started school since August. Can't she give me a break?

A small lumber under the bed covers moved slowly to escape from under them. If you listened closely, you could have heard disturbing words spitting out of the girl's mouth. A tall, fair-skinned girl rolled out of the bed, onto the floor. She groaned.

"Mom, stop yelling… Please–"

"Hana Hope Maxwell." Mom said firmly. She walked into Hana's room and slammed her hand agaist a nearby nightstand.

"Okay, okay. Never mind, I'm good." Hana said. Hana glanced over at the alarm clock and saw that it was 7:50. The school here started at 8:05. "Oh crap! We only have 15 minutes!" Hana exclaimed.

"Get dressed then, fool." Mom said rudely, she walked out of the bedroom and closed the door for Hana's privacy.

"It's the first day of school in America for me… How could this happen? Bad luck, I suppose." Hana thought. Hana got on her new clothes as quickly as possible, then she tied up her hair into a bun. Hana look into the mirror and smiled "I look pretty good… Heh." She placed on stud earrings and placed her carrying book full of books onto her shoulder. Then, she went into the bathroom to freshen up.

"Hana, hurry up! I'll be waiting for you in the car." Mom said, she walked out the door. She look back, "Maybe moving here wasn't so bad. At least I know Hana will make new and better friends here, hopefully." The older woman thought. She sat in her car, waiting for her daughter to walk out the door.

While Hana was in her room still, she heard the car's horn, it was mom's signal to c'mon already. Hana place a shade of pink lip-gloss on her lips and blended it in together. Then she smiled, she's never been so happy to attend a school in America in her life. "I guess this isn't so bad after all." Hana thought. She turned off the lights and walked out of her bedroom. On the way outside she grabbed a baked cinnamon Swiss roll from the kitchen and bit into it softy, then she ate the rest of it on the way out the door.

Hana ran to the car and hopped in to find her mother in there as well.

"…Ready?' Mom asked.

Hana smiled, then took a huge breathe and exhaled. "Yes, I'm ready." Hana applied on her seatbelt, then they drove off to school.

Mom looked at Hana, the looked back at her watch. "You know we're late, right?" Mom asked.

Hana gave her mother a confused facial expression. "We're?"

Her mother rolled her eyes. "Yes, we're...Late." She replied she gave the steering wheel a slight turn the left, to make sure she was going in the right lane to get to the school.

Hana sat silent.

"You're late for school, and I'm late for a doctor's appointment." The diver explained.

"Oh…" Hana said.

Hana's mother never liked being late for anything, she felt out of place when she was so. In conclusion, she would attend some other time. Unlike Hana, she HAS to go. She can't just not go, its school.

They pulled up to the entrance of the school, no one was there to hold the door or anything. Everyone was inside, and Hana was late. Hana opened the door to get out of the car.

"Hana, before you leave..." Mom suddenly spoke.

Hana looked back at her mother and gave her a 'What is it?' Look.

Her mom sighed, "I want to let you know that I'm very proud of you... For being cooperative about moving from Japan, to here. You're a very brave girl, Hana. Don't let those children tell you otherwise." Her mom said. Hana look at her mother with a genuine expression on her face. "Thank you, mom…" Hana said, she closed the car door.

"You're welcome, not go one. Enjoy your day!" The woman said.

"Alright then! I'll see you later, mom." Hana smiled and waved goodbye as she ran into the school.