Lachesis looked over her web of threads. Even without the eye shared among the sisters, she could review the lives of men and gods alike.

Something had been bothering her lately, and she knew it related to Zeus. The god had let his triumphs go to his head. Lachesis could not, would not, allow him to continue.

"Sisters, you need to see this. It would seem that the young one believes himself an eternal, all-powerful king. Shall we consult Mother? She will know how best to deal with his impetuousness."

"Lady Themis will indeed know what is to be done. Let us go to our dear mother and gather our advice." Atropos blinked the eye they shared. The three Fates made their way to the home of Themis, Titaness of justice and order.

"Ah, my daughters. What do you seek darlings?"

"Your nephew has become too powerful. We seek guidance as to what to with him." Clotho bowed before her mother. "His infidelities aside, Zeus is holding his power over all Olympus. He uses it to bully the others, even Grandmother, into doing his will."

Themis thought on this for several days. She sought stories of his brutality from all members of the Olympian gods and goddesses. As well as Titans and Titanesses of Tartarus. By all accounts, Zeus' ego was becoming too inflated. She pondered a suitable punishment for her nephew. Humility was the goal and she would be sure he learned.

Themis called for her daughters. Final judgment had been determined, and she needed the Fates to act on her behalf.

"Clotho, Atropos. I need you to perform a task for me. A new thread is to been woven for your deluded cousin. The old thread is to been preserved. Can I trust you to do this?"

"Yes, Mother." They said in tandem. Together they went back to their home. Lachesis stayed behind.

"Lachesis, you are to give his new thread special attention. Can you do that?"


"Good. You may go now."