Arlo's viewpoint
Arlo watched from a distance, feeling his heart beat faster, not that he'd ever acknowledge it. He had tried to deny his feelings, reassuring himself that it was just a feeling friends shared.
But friends never felt their cheeks go red at the sight of each other, and they never desired skinship.
But he did.
And it was killing him, the fact that Enzo refused to speak to him. Arlo wanted to hear Enzo's voice so badly, he wanted to touch him, but the only response he could get from Enzo nowadays was a rolling of eyes or a snort. Now, he watched Cason and Enzo pose together for a photo, wearing matching outfits and the same smile. And deep down, he sobbed.

Enzo's viewpoint
Enzo tried to hide his emotions. He would look at Arlo laughing smiling with all of his friends while A just stood in the background in silence. He wanted to talk to Arlo, to hold him, to be with him, but that was just a mere dream. All Enzo could do was make Arlo jealous. He tried to get Arlo's attention by seeing other men but Arlo wasn't phased. Bitterness seethed through Enzo but in reality all he wanted was Arlo to be his.

Arlo's viewpoint
It was only a couple of weeks ago that Arlo was best friends with Enzo. In fact, for as long as Arlo could remember, Enzo had always been his, and his alone. When he was younger, Arlo would invite Enzo over to play, and the 2 would fondle for the rest of the afternoon. It would usually end one way, and that was Enzo on top of him. Not that they could understand what was happening.
Then puberty hit. Arlo realized that his feelings for ENzo were something more, and Enzo became something of a secret crush. He always wanted to confess his feelings to Enzo, but never dared. In his opinion, Enzo had always thought of him only as a friend. They both had girl friends, and while girls were only friends to him, they seemed something more than that to Enzo. And that killed him.
Arlo remembered when, for Enzo's birthday, he had spent 2 hours of effort on making a collage of their times together, but when he gave it to Enzo, Enzo only casually replied "Thank you." Arlo had been heartbroken.
Then Cason came. Cason seemed like a pretty cool guy at first, hanging out with the group and cracking jokes. But then Arlo noticed how he was gradually becoming closer to Enzo. Enzo started having private conversations with Cason, something that only he and Enzo use to do. At the thought of it, a tear fell down his cheeks. He wiped it, then walked on to bio.

Enzo's viewpoint

"6 years down the drain." Enzo thought to himself as he passed Arlo in silence. Enzo and Arlo had known each other for many years. They did everything together and told each other everything. Enzo did not know his true feelings for Arlo. He thought it was only a strong friendship, nothing more, until he was slapped into realization when Jaxson came into the picture. All of a sudden Jaxson and Arlo became the best of friends. Enzo did not think much of it at first but seeing Arlo and Jaxson walk to class together laughing and leaning into each other, he felt utterly helpless and so lonely.
As Enzo began to understand what his friendship with Arlo really was he was angry but he couldn't do anything. He thought to himself, "This isn't right, I've had gfs before, how come I feelings for him?". Enzo tried to suppress his feelings and pretended they weren't there but he wanted to be with Arlo; it was undeniable.