Wings: By sjo165

Author Note: My first poem. EVER. In my entire life. My name means poet (Devonne), but I still suck at it. Anyway... here goes...

Stares into the sky

Clear skies ahead!

Sighs and gets ready

For the time of our lives

Snaps them out

Feels the wind blow against them

Lifts hands up

Feeling the sun glare down at them

Starts running

Faster, and faster

Jumps into the air

And flies

Higher and higher we go

Seeing the clouds up above

Flaps my wings

And flies

Soaring above the city

and town, and people

Flying with the birds


Crossing states



All around the world

Arrives back home

To the nest

Dive bombs

All the way down

Falling, falling

Aligns straight up


All the way down

Comes to a stop

Closes them in tight

Stares into the sky

Clear skies ahead!