I have places I look back upon

to make me feel safe and happy.

I picture these places to enter a state of calm.

The first is a beach.

I imagine the sound of waves crashing on the shore

and gulls calling and flapping.

I feel warm sand beneath my feet

and hear the faint scuttling of sand crabs scrounging for food.

The sky: bright blue.

The ocean: green.

The sun: hot, beating down on my face.

I am at peace.

The second is a lodge.

I imagine a curtain parted to allow white light to enter

and shine on the page of my book.

It's snowing heavily,

and the fireplace crackles.

My feet: on his lap.

Him: reading his own book.

Everything: quiet.

I am serene.

The final is a meadow.

I imagine him with me lying there at my side

and gazing at the sky.

On the other side of the trees,

a waterfall plunges into a river.

The stars: twinkling.

The water: rhythmic.

My hand: in his.

I am home.