The Three Bad Drivers

Cursing herself for running late, Lucy takes the exit to the nearest highway, only to find herself stuck in a two-mile long line of traffic, led by ol' Granny Gertrude. In hopes of arriving at work within the hour, she eases into the passing lane. However, when she spots Speedster Spencer barreling towards her in his fancy red Corvette, Lucy swerves back into the traffic line. Resolute, she steels herself and attempts to pass once more. To her chagrin, she discovers that Reckless Rebecca now occupies the passing lane and has slowed to a crawl. Sighing in despair, Lucy resigns herself to her fate and stays in the long traffic line. While cruising down the highway, all drivers will encounter and need to deal with the three different types of bad drivers. However, they can take measures against ending up like Lucy.

Although found most frequently, Granny Gertrudes pose little to no risk to a driver's physical safety. However, they irratate drivers to the point of insanity. Usually, Granny Gertrudes crawl at least twenty - and in severe cases forty- miles per hour under the speed limit. A two mile long line of bumper to bumper traffic trails behind these snails on wheels. In life, Granny Gertrudes serve one purpose - to make other drivers late. To save time and stay away from Granny Gertrudes, drivers can scan the streets for unusually long traffic lines and alter there course accordingly. Luckily - or in truth, sadly- Granny Gertrudes offer the least number of problems to other drivers.

After the Granny Gertrudes, drivers stumble upon Speedster Spencers most frequently. Additionally, they present a greater threat to their fellow drivers than the Granny Gertrudes. Oppossed to creeping twenty miles per hour below the speed limit, Speedster Spencers prefer to maintain a speed of ninety-five mph on any given road. Also, they possess the uncanny ability to flow in and out of traffic without slowing down. Speedster Spencers , as they shoot down the road, scare other drivers, causing them to swerve or even crash. Aside from staying home indefinitely, no sucessful precautionary measure exists for avoiding these speed demons. However, if drivers see a Speedster Spencer approaching, they should remain calm and trust in the Speedster Spencer's driving abilities. Unfortunately for drivers, Reckless Rebeccas aren't the worst drivers out there.

Reckless Rebeccas hold the titles for worst drivers. Almost always, drivers find them behind the wheel of a lemon - a shambling, rickety mess of a car. In their wake, Reckless Rebeccas leave bits of trash, shards of glass, or puddles of oil, depending on the specific problem with their less-than-safe vehicles. Perhaps their most pronounced trait, Reckless Rebeccas refuse to drive like either the Granny Gertrude or the Speedster Spencer. Instead, they imitate both by blasting past other drivers, only to stomp on their brakes once they lead the pack. Lastly, Reckless Rebeccas claim notoriety for breaking laws by speeding, running stop lights, or performing other illegal drving actions. When it pertains to Reckless Rebeccas, drivers must avoid them like the plague by any means necessary. Luckily, not many of these safety hazards exist. Still yet, Reckless Rebeccas are the worst of the bad drivers.

Bad drivers permeate our streets and lives, and good drivers are forced to live with them. Although the mildest of the bad drivers, Granny Gertrudes inspire the most frustration in other drivers with their snail pace. Meanwhile, Speedster Spencers scare them to death as they whip in and out of traffic. Lastly, Reckless Rebeccas dance to their own tune as they leave a pathway of destruction. However, if good drivers stay on alert, they don't have to end up like Lucy.


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