Road to Success

Work so hard it hurts

Push so hard you cry

Fight so hard you bleed

And run so hard you fly

That's the only way to win

And finally become great

To succeed at what you love

You must do the things you hate

But it's worth the price

Of all the sweat and tears

Of all the struggles and time

Of all the months and years

If you want to be great

You'll do anything you must

You'll put in all the hours

Based on a little trust

If success is your goal

Hard work is the only way

Struggle to stretch a little further

Each and every day

That's the way to make it

The road to success

You have to put the work in

And settle for nothing less

Critique as thoroughly as you can, please. I accept any comments, including flames, as I believe that facing and working on your mistakes is the only path to growth. Thank you for your time, and I hope you enjoyed the poem!