First Date

It's about three and a half months in when she announces that she's been cheated. They're sitting in his living room she's reading a book and he's watching a Scrubs rerun, one that he's watched about three times already but it's a classic so he's sitting through it again. By now he's used to her random outbursts of information that seemingly come from nowhere so he's not really thrown off guard and usually he can follow her train of thought enough at least so he can get a feel for what the hell she's talking about but right now for the life of him he doesn't have a clue and tells her as much.

"We never had a first date" she tells him. And he'd argue with her but the truth of the matter is his rapid thinking leads him to the conclusion that she is absolutely right, though he wonders what she could have possibly read in The Shining – her current read- that has led her to this epiphany.

And in all actuality they never did have a first date per say. Hell they never had an official starting date and therefor he figured at the same time as she proclaims "we don't even have a proper anniversary" he knows that she's the kind of girl that doesn't really give a damn about stupid things like over the top dates and cutesy anniversary presents but he can tell that this is bothering her more than she would ever let on. He feels kind of bad about it.

He massages her legs which are splayed out over his lap and thinks for a moment, a position they perfected over the past few months- among a few others. He tries to pinpoint when they started dating but comes up completely blank. It dawns on him that he's never officially asked her to be his girlfriend. They never officially had the talk and became exclusive or whatever the norm was. The fact of the matter was they were anything but normal and such mundane things were beneath them.

What had happened was they had had an argument free week. Actually their fights had been reduced to a minimum for the past few months and they had actually been spending some time together sans best friend counterparts to initiate the meetings. It was odd, but nice.

Though, as most good things, this quickly came to a halt. One minute they were smiles the next he was calling her a bitch and she was telling him that he was an idiot. It quickly escalated until finally something within him snapped. "why are you like this?" he bellowed.

She just stared at him questioningly "what?"

"why are you so impossible, no one can be that beautiful and that much of a bitch Ava. You're insufferable, yet I can't get you out of my head! You're always –" he let out a strangled cry of anger and suddenly his lips had crushed hers.

She stood stock still before her body took over for her brain and she kissed him back. It was a clashing of lips and tongues fighting for dominance and savoring every moment until they had to pull away for breath. They kissed a lot that night.

From that moment on they were just together, an unspoken agreement they shared that they were it for each other. He really couldn't handle any more women than her, she was enough of a handful and damn it if she knew how to satiate his sexual appetite.

They never had an official first date; they just began to see each other on a consistent basis. Whenever anyone asked him, yes, he had a girlfriend, whenever she needed to be introduced, it was with a "this is my girlfriend" at the beginning. It was never a question. Always a given, and he was eternally grateful that she wasn't a complicated woman, not in that sense at least.

Though, now it seemed the decision in how they went about their relationship was coming to bite him in the ass. He muted the TV and looked her, "Hey Ava," he began

"Joe?" she asked carefully

"do you have plans for Saturday night?"

"no" she smirked, knowing where this was headed.

"will you go on a date with me?" he grinned.

She laughed and placed a quick peck on his lips after a quick nod.

He took her to play laser tag on their "First Date" they ran around an obstacle course with preteens, their police training no match for the kids' Call of Duty experience. Later they had breakfast for dinner at a diner, they both had their individual meals and split a Belgian waffle topped with strawberries and whipped cream.

He walked her to her apartment and kissed her slowly in her doorway and like gentlemen went home after telling her what a great time he had.

That night he texted her with a 'will you be my girlfriend' to which she replied 'sure'

After a few minutes she gets another text, with a date 'June 4, 2010' and yet another after. 'the first time we kissed, our anniversary' he'd been working out the math in his head for a while now and he can see her smile in his head as he goes about his nightly routine and she doesn't reply, he doesn't actually expect her to though. They've been sappy enough lately. He knows it's only a matter of time before she calls him out on it. He figures it's worth it though, especially when he notices an unread text he probably got while showering. As he reads it, he realizes she's proved him wrong yet again. 'best first date ever' now he gets to ream her over the fluff.

Still as he nods off into his dreams he can't help but agree.

First of many more he finds himself thinking and surprisingly enough it doesn't worry him as much as it probably should. He just sleeps.

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