Susan suspiciously eyed the strange package that she had received in the mail. It was small and had no return address on it. Curious, she tore open up the package and peered inside. She discovered that inside was a small glass bottle containing a white liquid, that she presumed was milk. As she continued to examine the mysterious bottle, she noticed a note was also inside the package. She took out the note and read it, it informed her that this was milk and nothing more.

She thought about drinking the milk for a moment, but then decided against it. After all, she thought, the milk would be warm. So, she decided to place the glass in the fridge and retire for the evening to her room.

Several days later, Susan woke up in the middle of the night feeling thirsty. She put on her slippers and made her way in the darkness of her house to the kitchen. Upon entering the kitchen, she went to the fridge and opened it, looking for something to drink. As she was looking, she suddenly remembered the bottle of milk. She took the bottle out of the fridge, opened it, and began to drink it. To her, it was the most delicious and creamy milk that she had ever drunk in her life and before she knew it, she had drunk the whole bottle. She shrugged and went over to the sink and filled the bottle with some water and rinsed it. She then decided to head back to bed.

As she headed back to her bedroom, she stopped suddenly. She was feeling a sharp pain in her crotch, she clenched herself in pain, but as she did, felt something odd. She looked down and gasped as she saw her pajama pants were being distend by her rapidly growing crotch. She continued to look in shock as the front of her pajama pants ripped apart, exposing her panties, and showing that whatever it was that was growing out of her was pink. She gasped when her panties ripped as well, revealing that she had just grown an udder with two sets of teats.

"W-what is happening?" she wondered as a sharp pain in her backside caused her to fall onto the ground. She tried to get up but discovered that she couldn't. Cautiously, she looked behind to see why she couldn't get up. She saw that her legs had increased in size and shape to those of cow legs and that her pajama pants had been completely torn away. No wonder she couldn't get up, cow legs aren't meant for being bipedal. As she looked at her backside, she also discovered the cause of the pain: a tail that had just sprouted from behind her. She also felt another strange feeling in her feet, she looked and discovered that her feet had fused together into cow hooves.

She also noticed that her skin itself was changing, it was beginning to turn white with black splotches on it. "Oh, Jesus Christ," she said as she put her hand to her face, but as soon as she did, she pulled it away in surprise and looked at her hand. Her fingers were starting to fuse together into a cow hoof, just like her feet did. She also gasped in pain as she felt her arms increase in size and shape and became her new front legs.

Carefully, she stood up on her new bovine legs. She wondered if this was the end. She quickly discovered it wasn't. Before she knew it, she felt her own head change shape. She felt her ears elongating as they turned into bovine ones. She saw her own nose elongate and her mouth as well.

"Great," she said. "Now what am I supposed to doooo? She gasped when that final sound came out of her mouth. As her eyes moved to the side of her head, she felt her tongue getting larger and flatter to fit her new mouth.

"At least I can still talk," she said in a barely understandable toungue. "Maybe I can find out whooooo. Mooooo. Moooooo. Mooooooooo." She closed her mouth in horror as she continued to moo. After a few moments of keeping silent, she attempted to speak again. No luck. It still came out as just moos. "Great," she thought. "Now I can't even talk, only moo. At least I can still think like a human. Might as well go to the bathroom and see what I look like now."

As she headed towards her bathroom, her mind was filled with thoughts of wondering what she looks like, now that she was a cow. But as she neared the bathroom, her thoughts began to change, first she thought about eating grass after she saw what she looked like and chewing cud. But as she got closer and closer, her thoughts became more focused on eating grass, chewing cud, getting milked, and just shitting wherever she wanted to.

Upon reaching the bathroom, Susan stopped suddenly and began to moo as loudly as she could. Her mind was completely gone, no aspects of her as a human existed anymore. Now, she was just a cow mooing because she was wondering where she was and desperately needed milking.