She lay there in the dark room, which was dimly light by the blue crescent night-light. The young girl hated the darkness but she wasn't afraid of it but what lurked in it. Without the dim light she felt vulnerable and alone.

The young girl lay in her bed, staring at the white ceiling, listening. Listening to their screams like every other night. Arguing about thing she didn't understand or know about. She knew that they wanted to leave each other and live separate lives but she couldn't help but blame herself for it. The child had seen pictures of them before she came into their lives; her mother didn't look tired and had less worry wrinkles whilst her father actually looked sober.

She looked at her door, not bothering to sit up, peering at the small crack where light seeped in. The child gripped the small stuffed animal she slept with before leaving the warmth of her bed. Sneaking quietly, she weaved past the toys littered on the floor to the door of her room. The child stood in front of the door, hesitating to opening it and watch the battle. Taking a deep breath she took hold of the cold metal handle before twisting it and opening it slightly. Peering through the small opening, she watched.

The woman hissed at the man before stalking away from him but he stomped after her with a mighty roar. The woman flinched before letting out a shrill cry and batted the man away from her. In turn he grabbed her frail wrist shaking her as he yelled. The woman wriggled out of his grasp and screamed at him again. He raised his hand and slapped her. Everything went quiet as the sound echoed throughout the house. The woman slowly backed away from the man, her hand now resting on her cheek. He walked toward her as if he is trying to apologize but she continues to back away, her eyes wide as if she were a wild animal stuck in a cage.

The child's breathing became erratic and uneven as she backed away from the door, not caring if she could be heard. She felt as if the walls around her were moving in and were about to fall. She dashed towards to bed before leaping onto it and pulled the blankets over and around her, creating a cocoon of warmth. Hugging her knees to her chest, she cried softly under the covers holding the stuffed animal tightly. The child closed her eyes and imagined she was in a happier place, as she wiped away the tears that streamed down her face . And she escaped through her mind into a new reality.

The child opened her eyes and crawled out from under the covers only to find that the walls of her room had disappeared as well as the house. The young girl swung her legs over the side of the bed and slowly lowered her feet on to the ground. She noticed that the rough carpet was replaced by soft lushes green grass that tickled her feet slightly. Looking around she realised that she was surround by a vast meadow of white dragon flowers that looked blue in the night under the light of the blue crescent moon. She smiled. She felt at peace as she skipped in the meadow picking flowers along the way. She ran through orchids of pink cherry blossom trees and in the slight wind the petals would fly in the night air. Breathing in the pleasant night air, she fell back on to the grass, watching the stars in the clear night sky shine brightly. A massive roar suddenly echoed over the meadow. The child bolted up from where she lay in the grass and looked in the direction it came from. She could hear more sounds of what sounded like animals fighting. Warily and cautiously, she slowly stood and made her way towards noise. The child quickly made her way through the meadow now feeling distressed, she didn't notice that the meadow behind her started to turn black and rough or that the white dragon flowers started to turn brown and grow sharp teeth. Swiftly she walked until the young child stopped at the start of a ridge where she could hear the animals that were fighting behind it. She looked up it and noticed that dark ominous clouds now covered the night sky. Quickly she climbed up and there she saw the beasts.

Their fur was a dark as nigh and their eyes as yellow as the sun. Their teeth were like icicles sharp and glistening in the light. The beast's hands were as big a bears but mangled and disfigured. The two monsters stared at each other as they moved in a circle. Suddenly they charged towards each other and started to fight a vicious battle. The thunder clapped above when their claws clashed.

The girl watched wide-eyed as the two beasts snapped their jaws at each other. She couldn't stand idly by and watch as the two animals fought. Quietly she got up and carefully ran down the steep ridge but she lost footing and started to tumble down. Rolling to a stop, she looked up at them and stood up, stumbling slightly. She darted forward as one of them as it raised it's mangled paw to strike but before the monstrous beast could she grabbed the disfigured paw. The beast turned around swiftly hitting her away with its paw. The two beasts now turned their attention to her forgetting their previous feud. They advanced towards her, snarling viciously. The young girl backed away on the ground until her back hit the steep ridge. One of the black beasts stood over her now breathing on her with its putrid breath and its greasy black fur touching her arms. She sat there to petrified too move, breathe or even look at the repulsive being. It let out a fearsome roar that made her quake in fear. Then it just stared at her with it's bright yellow eyes. To the child it felt like hours until it turned away with a loud huff. To afraid to stop them, she watched them leave in opposite directions until they faded into the horizon.

Shakily she got up from the ground and looked up in time to see the black ominous clouds consume the blue crescent moon taking the light along with it. And in that moment she noticed that the ground had turned black and that the flowers grew into strange demonic creatures of the night. The young child scrabbled up the ridge and ran through the meadow. She weaved past the flowers that snapped at her heels. The ground under her started to grow soft and suddenly black vines leaped at her. Quickly darting to the side she dodged the black vines that looked like snakes dancing. The young girl could see her bed in the distance. She pushed herself to run faster and then she leaped. She leaped onto her bed and covered herself with the blankets. And then there was silence. The child could no longer hear the demonic flowers snap their jaws. Warily she poked her head out from under the covers and saw that she was in her room once again with the blue night-light shining dimly. It was quiet in the house. No more screams disturbed the silence