So this weekend I'm going bowling with a bunch of bronies. I haven't gone bowling since I was in China, and in celebration of this event, I
thought I would tell everyone the story of how bowling was invented.

As with all good stories, this one takes place several centuries ago in Japan.

Several centuries ago in Japan, there was a ninja. He was a very bored and lonely ninja, because he had nothing to do and since he was a ninja, no one could see him. He decided to go on a mission to alleviate his boredom.

It wasn't long before he found a fat king who needed his help, because all of the fat king's twelve daughters had been kidnapped by pirate samurais. The fat king promised the ninja that if he brought the daughters back to him, the ninja could marry any of them that he chose, thus he would never have to be lonely again. The fat king also promised to erect a giant statue in memory of the heroic ninja, right next to where the fat king had his own giant fat statue in the long royal courtyard.

It didn't take long for the ninja to find and quickly and easily kill all of the pirate samurais and return the fat king's daughters to him. The fat king was so overjoyed that he lined all twelve of his daughters up in an orderly triangular fashion at the end of the long royal courtyard, with the most desirable daughters in front, so that the ninja wouldn't have a hard time choosing which of them to marry.

As ninjas are naturally invisible, he wasn't nearly as concerned with physical appearance as the fat king was. What concerned the ninja most was finding a suitable ninja like mate. Thus the ninja cut off the fat round head of the giant fat statue of the fat king and, gripping it by the giant fat nostrils and giant fat mouth, lobbed it at the daughters thinking all the while "I will marry whoever remains standing."

As is expected of any good ninja, they all were crushed and killed when the fat king's statue's fat head rolled over top of them, thus leaving none of them standing. The fat king was outraged and shouted "how dare you STRIKE my daughters!?"

And that's how ninjas invented bowling.

Maybe next week I'll tell you how Canadian lumberjacks invented the turkey.