So there are 3 things you should know about me.

My names Emily Smith, I'm 17 and a junior at Oceanside High School in California, I'm pretty smart, not honour roll smart but I get solid B's, so I'm cool with that. I'm 5'6 with brown hair and green eyes, average looking if you ask me. Oh and I L-O-V-E- LOVE football, playing, watching or even talking about it.

I have a ridiculously over-protective brother. His names Nathan and he's a senior at Oceanside. No joke last year I went on a date with a guy from my homeroom and he followed us and then punched the poor guy when he tried to kiss me. Oh and before you ask, yes he is the "king" of Oceanside, the big man, the Quarterback on the football team.

Lastly, it's a well known fact that I Emily Smith H-A-T-E- HATE Mathew Scott. It's said that the first time I ever kicked while in my mother's womb was when Mathew Scott touched her stomach. And Boy would I be lying if I said that was the only time I tried to kick him. Oh and he just so happens to be my brother's best friend, and my next door neighbour.

"EMILY I'M LEAVING IN 2 MINUTES WITH OR WITHOUT YOU" my ever so patient brother screams up the stairs at me.

You'd think after 2 years of driving me to school he'd learn that I know he wouldn't actually leave without me, not to mention I'm always ready before him. Running down the stairs I kiss my mom on the cheek, grab my lunch and head out the door to see Nate leaning on his trunk buttoning up his shirt with only one shoe on.

"You know if you actually got up when mom calls you you'd be ready on time and not finish your dressing habits in the car"

"Shut it. And get in the car"

Ah what lovely conversations we have. Don't get me wrong Nate and I are probably each other's best friends but he's just not a morning person and it's too good of an opportunity to not annoy him. The car ride is silent apart from the music blaring through the stereo. Today its Greenday and I find myself quietly rocking out and singing along. By the time we get to school both me and Nate are singing along to American Idiot and smiling brilliantly.

"See you at lunch" he says parting ways going to his locker as I go to mine.

I guess you could say I'm popular in school. Although I hate that word, really I just get on well with everyone. Nate is definitely Mr. Popular and me being his sister I get a bit of a free pass to his friends and the parties. Even though most of his friends were seniors I brought a few of my friends along for the ride and now we're that big group that takes up two tables in the cafeteria every lunch period.

"Emily! Guess what I heard?"

"Jen she probably doesn't care"

"Of course she cares, its quality gossip"

"More like quality Bullshit"

"James would you quit it and let me tell her the damn news!"

Ladies and Gentlemen I'd like you to meet my two best friends, Jenny Fitz and James Kavanagh. Both equally crazy and both equally annoying. I met Jen when we were in middle school, she seemed shy and quiet back then, but boy was I wrong. She loves anything gossip worthy but wouldn't hurt a fly. James I've known since Kindergarten. His family is Irish and extremely proud of it, as in they make him go back there every holiday or break we get. He doesn't have an accent like his parents or brother though which is disappointing. James, you could say is like another brother to me. And if you didn't notice he and Jen can't go 5 minutes without bickering like kids.

"James shush and Jen I'm sorry but I really don't care about who hooked up with who this weekend, you know this"

And that was that, along with James sticking his tongue out at Jen and me rolling my eyes at him. I loved them really they just had a tendency to annoy me sometimes, okay most of the time.


Lunch time rolled around and I found myself sitting between Jen and Nick and across from James. These were our usual seats, Nick was a senior but I've known him since Nate started middle school, he was the nicest guy I'd ever met; he was senior class president and probably the only one of my brothers friends who wasn't on the football team. Oh and Jen was completely in love with him. Flirtatious eyes and endless teasing included. Unfortunately it was a completely one sided thing and everybody knew that except for dear Jen.

"Em, you watching our practise today?" Jonah another senior friend of Nate asked from down the table.

"Since when has Em every missed our practise? Of course she'll be there right sis?" My brother rolled his eyes as if it was the most obvious thing in the world; I just smiled and nodded at the two of them.

"I'm seriously sick of Ms. White, she is such a bitch" Mathew Scott moans as he flops into his seat beside Nate slamming his tray on the table.

"Yeah and you're an asshole you don't see me complaining. You just don't like Ms. White cause she won't fall for your pathetic flirting and badgering" I mutter slightly louder than intended.

So it starts once again the constant flow of insults and attempts to belittle one another. And as always Nate's the one to put a stop to it.

"Guys shut up! You two are my favourite people but put you together and I want to seriously kill you. Emily drop it and Matt stop being a douche"

And there you have it, Mathew freaking Scott my almost enemy. I say almost because at times, very seldom times he may possibly sort of be okay to deal with. But that's once in a blue moon to be honest.

The rest of the school day was as normal as ever I gave Ms. White her props for pissing off Mathew and she laughed as usual. This was a regular occurrence for us; I often praised her on annoying him.


My favourite part of any school day is definitely football practise. Since I was a freshman I'd sat on the bleachers and watched Nate and his team train, and when Nate made captain in his junior year he asked Coach Robinson if I could sit on the bench and watch. He said it was because I was his "good luck charm" but in reality I know it was so he could keep an eye on me. It wasn't unusual for some of the football guys to talk and do some harmless flirting with me during practise.

"Hey Coach, how they looking today?" I said to him while sitting on the bench.

"Not too bad Emily, Your brothers a good leader he pretty much does my job for me" he chuckled and sat beside me.

Coach Robinson was great, he was almost 60 and smoked like a chimney but he sure knew his football and the great thing was that he asked me what I thought about plays and stuff. He knew how much I loved the game, I'd sort of become the unofficial assistant coach in a way.

"Go out and tell Scott to come in for a sec will you? I want to talk to him for a minute and you know how he gets into his own little world while playing, he'd never hear me"

Internally groaning I got up and trudged over to Mathew where he was practising different drills. What coach said was true though he really did get into his own little world while playing, everything was about football for him and while he was on the field he couldn't possibly think of anything else. He's 100% dedicated.

"Scott, Coach wants to talk to you"

"And you volunteered to get me? Awh I'm flattered Emily babe. You just couldn't stay away?"

"Just go Mathew, go"

Practise finished up quickly and after waiting for Nate in the car for 10 minutes we were finally on our way home.

"So how'd I do today?" Nate asked. He asked me this after every practise. He knew I'd be honest with him and that's all he wanted I guess

"You were good, a few of your passes fell short but everything else was great. Think you need to practise on your arm for a bit though"

"Yeah" he sighed "I felt that too, might go out tonight and do a bit. You in?"

"You know it" I punched his arm playfully and then jumped out of the car once he pulled into the driveway.

"Do you ever leave?" I almost shouted upon seeing a sweaty Mathew lying on our couch watching tv. "How did you even get here before us?"

"Didn't bother showering in school just came straight here" he shrugged and kept watching some show.

"Ugh well move your feet, The Kardashians are on now."

Surprisingly he did as he was told and even flipped the channel over to my show. I almost smiled at him to say thanks but stopped once I remembered who it was.

"God Kim is such a babe, why can't you look more like her?" The idiot said while throwing his legs on my lap getting comfortable. Rolling my eyes I pushed him off and smirked.

"Please, Kourtney's better. And why can't you look like James Franco? Then maybe I could actually survive being in your company"

The truth is Mathew was probably the best looking guy in school. He was tall, extremely tanned, had dark brown hair and light brown eyes. Hell he could have been an Abercrombie model, and boy did he know it. I'd often found myself admiring his good looks but once he gets talking I'm ready to kill him and forget how hot he is completely.

"God I hate you"

"Not to hot about you either. And please go get in the shower. You stink!" That was the truth, Mathew's smell was getting worse by the second and I was finding it hard to breathe.

Standing up lazily he walked towards the door and I finally smiled, alone at last. That was until a stinky 18 year old boy came back and wrapped his arms around me tight saying some crap about how he "loved these chats we had"

"MATHEW SCOTT! Jesus you stupid boy get off me. Nate went up to his room go annoy him, and have a shower."

"Fine fine fine whatever, bye Emily babe" he said leaving the room.

"And don't even think about using my shampoo again! I told you before strawberry doesn't suit you" I screamed after him knowing full well that he'd use anything of mine that was in the bathroom. Someday I'll put hair dye in one of those bottles, I swear it.

"Emily, Em sweetie wake up" I felt someone shaking me and I opened my eyes to see my Dad leaning over me with a small smile on his face. "You fell asleep girly, now come on your mom just finished up making dinner"

I got up from the sofa yawning and made my way into the kitchen.

"Hi Mommy" I mumbled sitting down at the already set table.

"I see you finally woke up, I came home from work and you were passed out on the sofa. Hard day in school?"

"No more than usual, Jen and James were bickering more than usual I guess..."

"Those two never give up do they?" she said with a small smile tossing the salad "Baby will you go up and get your brother and Matt please?"

Rolling my eyes for what felt like the tenth time that day I stood up and walked to the stairs and screamed for them to come down. I had stopped being surprised that Mathew was here for dinner a long time ago. His parents were doctors and came home late so he just ate here. Every. Single. Day.

I walked back into the kitchen and back to my seat smiling at my mom who gave me a look as if to say "that's not what I meant when I wanted you to get them" Oh well, she'll get over it.

When everyone was sat down we all dug in, Mom made her famous fried chicken and I wasn't shy about the three pieces I took on my plate. If I didn't take it at the start the two teenage hoovers would have eaten everything anyways.

"Emily pass the gravy please" that annoying voice asked from beside me.

I picked up the gravy and held it out to him, except once he grabbed it I pulled it back. Soon a tug of war started over the gravy jug. Mathew gave an extra hard pull and the jug flew from my hand, coincidentally spilling. All over his pants.

He jumped up shouting about how hot it was and then his eyes flew to me. Oh shit I should run.

And there you have it

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