A petite girl was running. Running through the thick trees, leaping from branch to branch deftly. She didn't care if her robes were ripping in here and there, thanks to the thorns and sharp branches she just crossed through. She didn't care if she was gasping for breath and didn't care if her feet are bleeding from the sharp rocks. All she thought was that she needed to get away and fast. She didn't possess any abilities to just turn into a ball of light and flew away from danger, despite her name. And all she had was only the Yuki no Hana, her precious sword, to protect herself. She knew it wouldn't be enough to defend herself from them. But nevertheless, she kept running and running. Her demon's power was strong enough to keep her running for 30 miles without stopping, but the poison that they shot at her rendering her weak. She knew that the poison will be the death of her. It wouldn't kill, but it slowed her down. She didn't know how long she had been running or where she was; all she knew was that she needed to keep running and not looking back.

She was about to leap when suddenly an arrow shot her back. The sharp pain stabbed her back as she stumbled from the branch and fell onto her knees. She coughed and blood ran through the corner of her lips.

"That's as far as you are, brat." She snarled as a new voice she recognized reached her furry feline ears. She turned defensive as the new person showed herself. A woman with long white hair and black robes, signifying her status as a black witch. A bow and arrows was in her hand. "You need not running anymore. You want to be freed from your misery, aren't you? Come with me, child. Join me once again and you'll find where you belong." She said with a sinister smile as she reached to the petite girl. The petite girl with black feline ears hissed defensively as she grew closer and quickly disappeared. The white haired woman sighed in irritation, "what a difficult girl. It appears I have a kitten that needs to be disciplined."

Her blue and white robes bellowed in the wind as she leaped and took a run for it. The dark witch was no joke. She wouldn't be able to fight her in that state. She didn't care of anything, only thinking of running. But she was stumbled once again as a sharp pain stabbed her right shoulder and she saw an arrow sticking out of it. Another shot was released by the dark witch. She growled. If the woman didn't give up, then she was sure as hell wouldn't be.

"Now, now, I don't like it when someone doesn't paying attention to what I'm saying." The woman from earlier showed up again. "I am not mad at you, sweetheart. You can follow me now, and everything would be back to way it was." She cooed.

The petite girl growled in defiance and drew her sword from her hip. Her demonic aura fluctuating around her. The white haired woman frowned. "So you finally decided to stood up from me, brat?" She asked as she put down her bow and arrows. Instead, she pulled out a small beautiful vase from her pouch. It glowed brightly when the girl's demonic aura touched it. The petite girl saw it and flinched, knowing what it was. "Oh, I see you recognize this tool." The woman said. "Now, I hate to force you enter this thing. That's why, it is not too late for you to follow me and back to our home." The petite girl growled inhumanly and swung her sword. Her sword glowed, pulsing with her own aura, releasing a huge avalanche wave towards the witch. The woman's eyes widened in shock, "what?" as the avalanche wave swallowed her whole and leaving her and some part of the forest frozen inside a huge ice.

With sprinkling snowflakes floating around her, the petite girl panted heavily. It needed much of her demonic aura to release that spell. But that would do for now. She needed to get away before the ice melt and the vase started working, now that the vase already has a sample of her aura. That vase was not just an ordinary vase. It was a tool that usually a demon hunter would use to trap demons. Off course she'd recognized it. She had been trapped inside it more than once—getting out of it was not a humdrum either; she was even lucky to be able to get out of it.

She leaped away from the site. As she leaped from branch to branch, suddenly a sharp pain stabbed her abdomen. She stumbled from a branch and on to her knees on the ground. The poison. She hissed in irritation. The witch had smeared the poison on the arrow that had stabbed her. God-darn-it. She coughed blood and fell on the ground, panting heavily.

"Ah, I like it when a beautiful face is stained with blood." The petite girl growled at the voice. Wasn't she supposed to be still trapped inside her ice? How did she escape? The white-haired woman smirked evilly at her. "You must be wondering how I escaped. Why, how long do you think I've raised you, young lady? I know all of your tricks; including your little dances. It's really easy to dodge once you know the trick." The girl's eyes widened in shock. "Do you know what should I do to keep myself beautiful?" She suddenly asked. The witch knelt down beside her fallen body and clutched her blood-stained face within her palm, examining her blood-stained face. "There are a lot of recipes to keep one beautiful. We can bathe with the blood of young women, or we can eat the heart of pure-hearted young women." She said with wicked smirk. The fallen girl could only growl in defiance. "Now, don't be difficult, young lady," she said wickedly as she suddenly clutched the girl's neck. The fallen girl could only struggle in vain. "You know why I raised you, kitty. You are mine to do as I please. And now since the time of ritual has come near, you shall do your purpose; to give your blood and heart to me, so that I can eternally be young and beautiful forever. You know what they say about a demon's heart, now don't you?"

The girl's violet eyes narrowed at the witch. "Ah, do you know what I've always envied of you?" She asked with an almost soothing smile as she ran the back of her fingers against the girl's smooth cheek. "You have such beautiful eyes. You have the eyes as violet as the twilight, as clear as a sapphire gem." The smile dropped and she frowned hatefully. "I don't like it." She said firmly and clutched her neck more tightly. The girl gasping for breath, tears started to pool in her eyes. "Your eyes would be more matched on me." She said as she poised her hand to tear out her violet eyes.

On survival instinct only, her clawed hand slashed through the hand that clutching on her neck. Blood splattered on to her face, but she held on. The witch's eyes widened in horror. She screamed, holding on her missing hand, "Uwaaaaarrrghhh!" She screamed in horror and agony, as blood squirting out of where the left hand should be. "My hand! My left hand!" The blood-stained girl who just tore the witch's hand coughed up some blood and with the rest of her strength, she drew her sword quickly. "You will pay! You will pay for this infidelity, you ungrateful brat!" The witch screamed in fury, still clutching her bloodied missing left hand.

With her good hand, she pulled out the vase and pull out the cork. The girl's eyes widened in shock. The witch laughed maniacally. "I make this vase especially for you, pet! Be happy and I hope you feel at home—because this will be your home for the rest of your life!" She laughed maniacally as the vase glowed and the feline eared girl glowed as well. For the first time in that day, the petite black haired girl screamed as her body was sucked into the vase. The witch panted as she then put the cork back into place. Her face paled, losing too much blood. She knew her life wouldn't be long. She always knew that this pet of hers would be the death of her. With the rest of her strength, she enchanted the vase, sealing it with her blood. The vase could only be open if it was stained by a pure-hearted human blood, which the only thing that have enough power to counteract the witch's evil blood. The white haired witch smirked evilly, panting heavily, never minding her blurry vision, "You had been done for when you met me," She said with such glee and then she cooed mockingly, "Sumire-chan…"





The sky was blue that day. The clouds were white and there were no obvious sign of raining. Birds were chirping and from that point of view, the neighbor's roof was visible, though not entirely. A pair of sky-blue eyes glanced to the alarm-desk. It read eight o'clock in the morning. A few seconds later, the alarm blared and a hand slapped it off easily. The pair of blue eyes blinked and stared at the blue sky above outside the window. He hadn't been able to fall asleep.

Not a few minutes later, "Mamoru!" A feminine voice yelled from below. "It's eight o'clock! You should wake up before you're late to school!"

A figure drowsily sat up on the bed and stare outside the window, where he can see the blue sky, the white clouds, the chirping birds, and neighbor's roof. "Sleepy," he mumbled before finally get out of the bed, rubbing his raven locks.






黒鉄 護 –Kurogane Mamoru

髪の色:黒 –Hair color: black
目の色:青 –Eye color: sky blue
年齢:16歳 –age: 16
職業:高校生/探偵 –Occupation: high school student/ detective (part time)

光線 スミレ –Kousen Sumire

髪の色:黒 –Hair color: black
目の色:紫 –Eye color: violet

妖怪 (youkai) = demon

宏 和夫 –Hiroshi Kazuo

髪の色:黒 –Hair color: black
目の色:茶色–eye color: brown
年齢:16歳 –age: 16
職業:高校生/歌手 –Occupation: high school student/ singer (part time)

松下砥白 –Matsushita Toshiro

髪の色:金髪の –Hair color: blonde
目の色:緑 –eye color: emerald
年齢:15歳 –age: 15
職業:高校生 –occupation: high school student

黒鉄 静佳 –Kurogane Shizuka

髪の色:茶色 –Hair color: brown
目の色:青 –Eye color: blue
年齢:19歳 –age: 19

役割:護の姉—status: Mamoru's older sister.
職業:大学生/秘書 –Occupation: college student/ secretary (part time)

黒鉄 剣一Kurogane Ken'ichi

髪の色:黒 –Hair color: black
目の色:青 –eye color: blue
年齢:39から43 –age: between 39-43

役割:護の父 –Status: Mamoru's father
職業:医師/科学者 –Occupation: doctor (part time)/ scientist



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