The Red Blackness

I go out for blood,

Because the bombs are duds,

It's like starting the next World War,

But what for?

I'm filled with so much anger,

Because no one will take me to see the Lone Ranger.

I start looking into the Red Blackness,

My heart is filled with so much sadness,

I'm staring into the Red Blackness,

I can't survive with so much unhappiness.

I'm looking straight at an evil figure,

Stop me before I pull your trigger,

Being this way is the only way to get your attention,

And this is non-fiction,

I have a lot of depression,

This would be a perfect time for a confession.

I look into the Red Blackness,

This is my only weakness,

I can't take my eyes off the Red Blackness,

I can definitely feel your coldness.