I woke up on hard ground. I could hear screaming and loud crashing of sounded blended together in such a horrid combination. There were cries for help, water, and death to come quickly. I opened my eyes slowly and fearfully, all I was wondering is what was going on. I saw men lying all around me, perhaps either dead or dying. Next to me was a very young man. I realized he looked familiar but I couldn't understand how. His uniform was drenched with fresh blood, and in his hand was a gun. Turning my head to the other side my eyes met two men wearing my country's uniform run pass by me. Calling for help was no use for I even had trouble breathing. I smelled smoke and ash surrounding me. I attempted to move legs to stand but one of them refused to cooperate. I felt pain connecting through every nerve of my body. I knew that a leg was wounded severely, for the gruesome feeling of liquid oozing out of me was excruciating. It was slow and agonizing; I wanted to scream. A few seconds later I heard three gun shots echo through the forest. And it didn't take me long to realize, dear mercy, we were at war.

I wasn't sure if it was wise to just lay there. Trusting my instincts, I sat up slowly. I groaned for most of my body was sprained and aching. I saw that I was wearing armor myself. I was fighting for Margaritari. I saw the dead body of a rivaling soldier but I could not recognize the uniform. All I wanted to know is what I was fighting for, and why I was even fighting for it. I didn't know how to act or think now. I didn't know if I should be panicked, scared, or sickened. It was probably a mix of all of those. I had the urge to cry. Suddenly, my face cringed bitterly. I wanted... no needed to get out of here.

Desperately I tried to crawl, I didn't care where, but the scene was just too much. I hated to see death, it was too much for me to handle. Beside me was a bloody sword. I picked it up and knew it was mine. I gulped, having fear pulse through my veins. Living was the only thing that occupied my mind. I had no idea what happened and how I ended up here. Behind me I heard hooves stepping near me. I turned my head around, and was calmed down a bit to see that it was Leonard.

"You-you're alive." He said in a husky voice. Leonard looked like every other man I had seen but he was alive and smiling. His face was splattered with blood while his armor was dirty and scratched. He knelt down next to me, taking a metal container, removing the cap and gently bringing it to my mouth to drink. I sipped it gently, grateful that I had the chance of escaping this place.

"Leonard, what is happening?" I pushed the words out of my mouth. It was barely a whisper and I was surprised he understood it.

"War... Don't you-" His face angered when he saw my injury," you're wounded. We have to go now." He sounded urgent and before I could reply he picked me up and we both got on his muddied, white horse. Trying to argue with him would be useless, so I leaned my head on his hard chest as I tried to find a heartbeat.

I found myself on a different horse. It was bigger, taller, stronger and black. It had my country's flag draped over its back on which I sat on. In my hand was the clean sword. The day was bright and I handled the heaviness of the atmosphere. Every person on the battle field was already in combat. I was galloping on the horses heels, swinging my sword violently, slicing through every man on my right side. I was shocked at had the courage to do such a thing. I couldn't understand how I even got this skill, how I even had enough training to set foot on this blood drenched land. I stopped and saw the enemy's men die at the hand of my soldiers. It seemed as if we were winning, but still I wasn't so confident about that. I could sense an ominous feeling pressure on me. It was indescribable and there was something telling me to move.

I kept my sword away and took out my gun. I fired at a few men as I tried dodging their endeavored stabs. Again that ominous feeling returned to me. I stopped firing and drove the horse to gallop as fast as it could, and then I heard another horse follow behind me. Obviously, it was an enemy. Slightly panicked, I swiftly turned my body around and shot at the man who was aiming to kill me. I didn't get a good look at his face but there was something about it that I knew. Agitated at my actions, he fired back at me. I ducked in hopes of missing them. Then, my leg got hit. The open flesh was exposed. I fell off my horse and sprained my shoulder when I hit the ground. My head ached, slowly I was slipping away. Then I heard the loud click of a gun. He was going to shoot me.

All of a sudden, he collapsed. His body fell right next to mine. Before I went out cold, I heard," I can't feel my legs." I knew who it was.

I wake up in my bed room panting, sweating and crying. I see that Leonard is awake too. By the look on his face I could understand we had the same dream. What exactly was this? Everything was too real, it was shocking. It was so vivid and clear, almost as if it was a memory. My heart is still pounding, my lungs are still burning. What scared me the most is my leg is still having the same pain. I was immobilized once again. Forcibly I utter the words," Help me." Leonard rushed to my side without speaking but I knew he couldn't do anything.