Beth: Once there lived a frog named Hop.

Maddie: Hop loved to play games.

Beth: Sometimes, though, when Hop was playing games, his brother Hip would pushed him over.

Maddie: Hop would say "Hey! Stop that! I already told you that a hundred times!"

Beth: Hip would only laugh and push him again. One day, when Hip pushed Hop, Hop fell into his game, and was transported into a magical land called Frogania.

Maddie: Once in Frogania, Hop met a queen, whose husband was king of Frogania. They had a daughter, who was a princess.

Beth: The princess's name was Hope. When Hop saw Hope, it was love at first sight.

Maddie: Hop asked Hope to marry him. He knelt down on one froggie-leg and held out a ring.

Beth: Hope's eyes widened. "Yes, but only if you go to the ball with me!" she exclaimed, smiling.

Maddie: So they did. They ate cake and they ate flies.

Beth: It was so much fun! "Yes, I'll marry you!" Hope said, hugging Hop.

Maddie: Then a seagull appeared out of nowhere and delivered their kids.

Beth: There was one boy and one girl. The girl was named Lily and the boy was named Paddy.

Maddie: And they lived happily ever after, and never saw Hip again.

Beth: Hop's parents grounded Hip and went to live with Hop, Hope, Lily and Paddy.