The air is still as i stand on the cold, hard ground. I look around and see no one. No one that can see me standing there; no one to see the tears slide silently down my cheek as i kneel beside your grave. I place my hand on the smooth stone. My fingers slowly trace the engraved letters that spell out your name.

This was the place we first met. Do you remember? There was no one buried in this part of the graveyard. There was only an old, wooden bench. I used to come here to visit my sister, and then i would just sit here and think. It was always so quiet here. That made it easy to organize the thoughts that swam through my mind. Then, one day, you came here with your mother to visit your grandma. You went to give them a moment alone, so you came and sat with me. We talked for a while, then you left. I never thought I'd see you here again. But i was wrong.

A few weeks later your mom died too, and you sat with me more often. You had asked me, that first time we talked, why i liked the grave yard. It seemed so dark, and creepy to you. I explained the beauty of the peace. You didn't understand. I didn't expect you to, i even thought you never would. Then, you did. You understood what i meant. You said so the second time you visited your mother.

This was also where you first kissed me. do you remember that too? We had just started dating about a month before and we were just walking through the quiet, underground homes of our ancestors. We came to this place, the empty place, and you kissed me. A few months later, you told me, right here, that you loved me. We were on the very ground that is now your permanent resting place.

Another wave of tears fall, crashing silently on the grass. It's ben four months now, and though it's getting easier to live, my heart still breaks every time i wake up alone.

"I miss you," I whisper, before standing up. I can almost hear your voice whispering to me, saying you love me. I smile, and walk away.