I kept telling myself to go faster, even though i was at my highest level of speed. My heart was racing and i had a rush of adrenalin as i sped down the street and made a sharp turn at the corner; a plan forming in my head.
It was best if i went down to the shopping center where there were people. Someone would notice a sixteen year old girl being chased by two grown men. I wanted to take shortcuts through the alleys but that would make it too easy for them. I could hear the men shouting behind me and i knew they were catching up to me. Panic surged through me and my legs willed to go faster. If only my gym teacher could see me now.
One of the men threw something at me. I wouldn't let myself get distracted and see what it was. If i did, id be risking my life. I guess I should have thought of that before doing what i did. I knew i should have thought it out more clearly, but i was stupid. Two big, bad guys that have a reputation across the city, would be expected to keep that rep. I was foolish thinking otherwise.
Two blocks from the shopping center, i cut through an ally. I'll be there sooner. Wait, ally? Shit. It was too late to change my direction now; the guys were on their way down. The gate that's normally open was shut. And locked. I figured i had about twenty seconds to get over the gate. At most. I started scrambling up and was almost over. I was going to make it to that center. excitement and adrenalin pushed me further. Two more steps. I could almost hear the cops getting these guys for attempted murder. I was just about to swing my leg over when i felt a hand grab my other foot. I screamed. They grabbed me, pulling me down. I screamed again until one of them put his hand over my mouth. I bit his finger so hard i could taste his bitter blood. I bit him again and more blood oozed into my mouth. They threw me down on the ground so hard i couldn't breath. The taller, brown-haired one pointed a gun at me.
"You make one sound and its lights-out, sweetheart."
I was cornered. The only place i could go was closer to the wall, not that it would help.
"Who are you calling sweet?" I asked as steadily as i could. He wasn't really going to shoot me. right? I guess he was. He tightened his hand around the gun and got ready to.
"What did i say?" The other man came closer. The one with the gun did to, but he came so close his hands were gripping my arm. He pulled me close and whispered in my ear.
"I can let you live. You can come back and stay with me." He stroked my cheek with the gun. "I can find a great use for you." Piss off a criminal and become his personal sex slave was not about to be crossed off my to-do list; even if he was already pissed.
"Id rather you killed me now. " i spat. He shrugged.
"I'm flexible." His gun pressed against my temple. My hearts pace quickened as I prepared. He wasn't about to force me into anything. He was fine with giving me what i wanted. And if my only other option was to be kidnapped and raped, death was what i wanted.
I closed my eyes and let myself thing happy thoughts of my sister and my friends. I wanted to hear their laughter instead of the trigger being pulled, and braced myself for the end.