Setting up sets for musicals can be dangerous, you never know when things will fall on your head. You can't know if it will hurt either. You see, sometimes getting hit hard enough on the head by say, metal rails for sliding doors, you stop feeling pain in the area. While putting these rails up, I must have put the screw in the grain of the wood because as soon as I climbed down the ladder, the screws along the whole thing pulled out of the wood, making the rail fall on my head. Surprisingly, this didn't hurt at all. I was told to lie down and not to think about anything. Never tell someone with Schizophrenia, Asperger's Syndrome, and ADD to not think if you are actually trying to help. Their brain will immediately overload with thoughts of seemingly unrelated things.
"Don't think about how much it hurts." A girl in the class said.
"It doesn't hurt though... What hurts is my finger from the screw that got pushed against it by the rail after it bounced off of my head."
"There's no way your head doesn't hurt."
"Well, it doesn't so obviously there is a way, endorphins I believe."
There still seems to be no real damage from the rail, I remember everything that happened perfectly fine, I'm just not clear on the exact path of the rail as it fell on me as it fell very fast. A few months later, I was organizing lumber on the shelves when I found the cursed rails. I held them up to the teacher and said "Mr. Nist! I have fond memories of these!" He looked at me quizzically and said "You have memories?"