The Gift

I don't know if any of you have read the 55 word story, "The Gift" (2nd chapter in the "55 word stories" collection), but this is the whole story. This is the original story I wrote for it so please read the 55 word story first before reading this one. The reason I made it into a 55 word story to begin with is because I think this one is too short no matter how many attempts I used on trying to make this story longer.

He just sat there staring at it. His black hair was messy as if he had just woken up but despite that it still looked good. His chocolate brown eyes were unmoving and although they usually had a warm look in them, they were cold.

With a sour look on his face he pouted his lips and folded his arms. Still staring he squinted his eyes at the offending item in front of him. It wasn't bad, nothing was wrong with it. But why? Why? It's wasn't broken or useless. Of course he could use it, it was completely new. His friends had one day just dropped it off to him.

"Hey, we went shopping and bought something for you," they had told him.

He should have known they had ulterior motives as they were snickering and grinning while the father to one of them was shaking his head in disapproval.

"Don't be so mean and buy the other one," the father had said while when they were still at the store. But they didn't listen to him and bought it after all.

However, he wasn't ungrateful; he was quite happy they had spared him a thought and bought him something. And he would use it, but why? He knew why; to irritate him. And it worked. Boy did it work, it really irritated him. Why did they have to do that? They could have bought the other one; it would have been much more appreciated. But he wasn't one to be picky.

Taking a deep breath he closed his eyes and pinched the bridge of his nose. Feeling a headache building at the whole situation he rubbed his temples trying to soothe it away. He heaved a sigh and slumped his shoulders. This wasn't working.

He regretted not joining them; if he did, then this wouldn't have happened. Something like this would never have happened if he had not turned down the offer to join. All because he had to do some laundry that could easily have been done the day after. Turning his head to the window he looked out of it to try getting his mind off on other things.

The outside world looked like it always did; People walking down the street, cars driving on the road once in a while and busses coming and going, picking up and dropping off passengers all the time. The trees looked well taken care of and there were a few birds singing. The sky had a nice blue color this day and a few clouds were drifting far away along the horizon. The sun was shining a bright white-yellow and there was a small, gentle breeze that rustled in the leaves making them dance before going still like nothing had happened.

Turning back to his room he tried not to look at it. But it was easier said than done as his eyes drifted over to the offending item on their own accord. Like a piece of iron got pulled to a magnet. With still slumped shoulders he let out another big sigh. Shaking his head he made his resolution that maybe a good, long shower would make him feel better. He got up from his chair and left the room.

Opening the door to the bathroom he started taking off his t-shirt while locking the door. After finishing both tasks he proceeded with his pants and boxers. Fully undressed he turned on the water and waited till the spray of water was steaming before stepping under. Feeling the warm water soaking his hair and face he let out a satisfied sigh. This was just what he needed. The water flowed down his chest and caressed his skin in a gentle manner making him forget his troubles for a moment. After soaking for several minutes he turned up the heat of the water and marveled at the feeling. After doing the same one more time some minutes later he decided that he should get out soon before someone else wanted the bathroom or he used up all the warm water.

Stepping out of the comforting warmth of the shower he quickly grabbed a towel and dried off before the air cooled him down. Proceeding with putting on some clean clothes he went back to his room and sat down on the bed. Giving his hair a good shake with the towel he removed most of the water so that his hair went from wet to damp. Combing his fingers through his damp hair he closed his eyes and drew in a deep breath. Opening his eyes he slowly lay back on his bed, his arms folded behind his head, eyes looking at the ceiling.

Blowing out some air from his mouth he slowly got up from his comfortable position and was once again sitting on the bed. His eyes drifted over to the item standing in the corner of his room once again. He huffed; it really was offending to the eyes. No, it wasn't that bad he kept telling himself. He needed it after all, and he knew that very well. It was only a gift from his friends; it was just a simple trashcan. So why did it bother him so much? He knew that very well. Shaking his head he muttered in irritation through gritted teeth, "Why does it have to be pink?"

So, this is actually something that happened during autumn 2012. My friends (also his friends) went to IKEA without him and decided to buy him something for the fun of it.

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