Musical Essence

A note strikes the air

Everything is silent, a humming vibration

All ears bent, straining

To catch the note, but it lasts only

A moment

Then fades away

Suddenly, another note

Sounding out across the fragile frame

All drink it in, finding there

Meaning, mercy, oblivion

The death of the Mind itself

The sweet embrace of solitude

And then, another note

Swallows up the last

So full of meaning, power, love

It shakes its little world

Just a tiny bit

Then another, and another

Note replaces note

Now swelling, now sighing

Weaving together into

A tapestry of sound

Triumph, sadness, struggle

All pass, Holy kings

Bearing tribute to be laid before

The carver of the soul

The notes build, now,

Each climbing atop the last

Reaching higher, higher

Breaking through the heavens

Flying swift upon wide wings

Touching the sun,

Circling the moon,

Sweeping aside stars like

So many grains of sand

Nothing else exists, all is false

But that contained within this single moment

Then, at last

The notes quiet again

And return to Earth, the land of the waking

Like roosting doves, settling down

Alighting, folding wings, nestling in

And now, as eyes open, and all look about

They see anew what was

Hidden before

And then, as the final note

Fades away

All ears bend, straining

To catch the note, but it lasts

Only a moment,

And then

Is gone