I Saw A Pretty Girl (May 6)

And I saw a pretty girl
today at the supermarket.
Turned a corner and saw her face
as she covered her eyes with her hair.
She gave me a glance, I gave her one too
and then we parted ways, to continue our day.

I saw her walking away
and she turned to look at me as well
and I can't help but wonder
what could've happened
if I went and talked to her.

It might have been awkward at first,
an insecure introduction.
I'd say something that's not really fun
but we'd still laugh.
And maybe, just maybe,
you would smile.

From then on, it would be a cakewalk
our love blossoming in the sidewalk
as we'd walk to your house, or the park
and we'd hold hands, we'd hold hands!

Perhaps we would get married after some time
and we'd move away from this rotten place.
We'd have kids, and they'd run around they front yard
and we'd be happy, we'd be gladly happy.

Yeah... perhaps.

If it makes you feel any better
I looked for your face at check-out
but I didn't see you.

And I will never see you again.
So goodbye, my unnamed friend
and eventually, my unnamed lover.

Something happened today.