The Ant

I saw an ant the other day

Crawling by on the sunny sidewalk

It looked in a hurry

Trying desperately to get somewhere

With its twin antennae waving to and fro

Like a flame flickering frantically

Hoping to escape from its glass prison

I bent down to examine the ant

Its body, black and shiny

Almost beautiful

In the way it caught the light

Its legs, elegant in how

They moved, like a fluid machine

Something you wouldn't notice

Unless you were

Up close

Its eyes, black and wide

Watching me, as it silently pled

For its life

Begging that a great God like me

Might spare it

I smiled as I watched it

Every moment finding

More beauty in it

Its form, its movements

Its color, its shining skin

All of Nature's loveliness

Packed together

Into this tiny mote, this ant.

Then, I lifted my foot

And crushed it.