The years have worn me out

All the meat
The alcohol
Chemical cigarettes
Food altered with codes and numbers
The terror of time
Speeding by
like an amphetamine crime

It has worn me out.

I wander the streets
Drowning in Data
Burnt by boutiques
Cramped up with claustrophobia

Through the city noise
Between screeching
Car alarms
The manic machines

I suddenly hear the shaman calling
The soft hypnotic
Of clap sticks
The shamans song weaving through traffic.

Pulling me from cluttered streets
From towers that block out the sun
From concrete cemeteries
And neon nights
And billboards
Shouting at you to buy buy buy

This is our aggro culture
This is what shapes us
This is what kills us.

The song of the medicine man pulls me
Across polluted seas
Past the dark of unlit mountains
Away from the future
Into the past
Into the aeon of agriculture
To the island where no cars exist.

I see horses pulling carts
Monkeys in Fruit trees

There are men and women
Brown from the sun
Legs submerged in rice fields
Singing their songs of the earth

And Between the sound of insects
The music of Bird calls
Waves and waterfalls

I hear the shaman calling
From beyond the atap houses
I hear the drums playing
From the deep world of the jungles

I leave the sea behind
I leave my conditions behind
I leave modernity behind
And enter, the green kingdom
The animal kingdom
The mineral kingdom.

Nature is inviting
A different frequency exists here
A natural, formidable love.

I smell earth
I smell flora and fauna
I smell rain
Washing away the stench of cities
the noise in my blood Vanishes
The cloak of electricity, is dropped
My phones stop working
The SIM card is dead and silent.

As i walk deeper into the wild
I remove my boots
That barrier between skin and soil
I tear apart my business clothes
And return to primal state
I become the primal man.

My aura is pure
Cleansed by dew and sea salt in wind

I reach the heart
Of the island
I see a bonfire burning
and before it
Sits the medicine man.

And i sit with him

mud cakes his naked body
Across his chest
Are words written in the old tongue of Gaia
Bones of animal spirits
Hang around his neck
His soul exposed to the elements
His soul becoming the elements
And I see the whole of earth within him
And the whole of him, upon the earth.

The shaman blesses me with smoke

from tobacco rolled with bare hands
That sacred plant of the natives
And I hear the drums of the medicine man
The heart beat of this ancient land
Beating, beating.

And through the smoke
A vision appears

The shaman raises his hands
his head bent back with invocation
and he calls upon the great spirit

He chants the old songs
He chants the old words
As father sky descends
An eagle made
from the light of the sun.

Then a voice comes out from the horizon
And it says

Father sky shines his light on all
He makes no judgement

Father sky rains on all
It is man who judges.

The shaman calls upon Mother Earth
And she ascends
Through the vines and roots
Plants and trees
Into my mind
Into my heart
And she says

O man from the city
Don't you see?

I AM your Home.
I AM your origin.

I am shown the sun
falling slowlyinto the earth
As if its a womb cradling a baby
The sun enters the heart of the earth
Heat and life, rising through soil
Entering the food that we eat
Transforming us, evolving us
Feeding us with solar power

I feel The Great Mother embrace me
And my heart feels as vast as this world

You are my child, she says
Mankind, my children
All of you belong to me

But man from the city
You think that I belong to you.

You use me
Strip me
Rape me
Take from me
Force me to give you more and more and more and still
My children die from hunger
My children die from disease
born from your wants
Your monolithic dreams

My bounty is plenty
But so is your greed.

I feel the bloatedness of man
Fat with fornication
Drunk on the fruits of the earth
Moderation lost to market forces

That was my life
The bloated man is also me.
I am guilty
Of obsession
Taking more than what I needed
Storing up treasures
Coated with dust in warehouses.

The shaman touches my forehead.

Everything is alive, he says
Everything is sacred
Every rock
stick and stone
Every man, woman and child
Every creature, every plant, every breath
Everything has spirit
Do you see?

And I see the web of life in my mind
Connected like neurons
Shimmering, glowing, united
Through and with every fibre

But something is wrong
Something is imbalanced
There are Gordon knots
Clustering and blocking
Blood and veins entangled
The slow cardiac arrest of civilization

i see and feel the fear
The chronic screams of animals
The cutting, the sawing
Nail gun to the head
The pain
Creatures caged in steel boxes
Force fed and fattened
Through tubes
The meat of their own kind
No space to move
No room to breathe
Shitting on the same floor they sleep on
Slowly marching to the slaughterhouse
One by one
Turn by turn
Turning into hundred dollar steaks.

This is the erosion of our communion
Our peace
Traded for profits
Our lives
Lost to luxuries
We are so connected, but not.

We want more and more and more.

I look for answers
An exit from the cycle of violence
I look to the heart of the mother

And The earth goddess tells me

Follow the rhythms of nature
The wisdom of the elements
Be fluid and adaptable like water

Burn consistently like sun
But move between intensities
Be like a calm morning
A fiery noon
Progress, surely
To the cool of the evening
And rest in the silence of night

Be as light and clear as the wind
Be as grounded and firm like the mountain

Be in balance
Be in balance

I have lived without man before
And I can live without man again
But you are my children
And I will still give
And you will still take
But my nature is balance
And without balance, mankind will be destroyed

But it is not I
That will destroy you.