"Number 1146!"

I stood and headed down the big hall. Others that sat along the walls looked up and eyed me. They were probably looking at how big my shirt and pants fitted on me, but its not like I had a choice on what I wore, or could wear.

Number 1146. Printed in bold and in front of my white sanitized shirt.

They're still staring; especially some of the girls and that made me a bit nervous. But I simply looked straight ahead and kept walking, I tried to ignore it as much as possible, after all we were all wearing the same thing, but just different numbers printed on our shirts.

It's hard to describe what the place is like here, but just think of it as a giant hospital with no one walking around. All the nurses and doctors are inside the rooms evaluating us, so you can say it's very ordered around here.

Before I reached the room, the door slammed open and a man was being dragged by one of the nurses. He was screaming and shouting, trying to get out of her grasp.


I simply glanced at him and looked away, but the others outside kept staring.

At least they weren't staring at me.

Looking at the scene, a person would common sense would be confused as to how a full grown man is not being able to get out of a single female nurse's grasp.

Well, people with that sort of common sense here wouldn't be able to survive here.

I went inside the room and like the usual routine I sat on the chair and waited for the doctor's questions.

"Have you had an eye exam recently?"

Phew, male doctor.


I glanced upon the files he left on the desk, there was a large red stamp on top of the entire page, but one thing that stood out the most was the words, 'fourth grade.'

He pushed up his thick glasses and examined my files in his hands. "1146, second grade."

The door opened and it was the nurse from earlier, as she closed the door she froze up a bit. The doctor noticed this, walked over and gave her a slap on the back. There was a little buzzing sound and she walked over to the nurse on the other side of the room and stood perfectly aligned next to her.

"They need to replace these machines soon." I heard the doctor mutter. He then flipped over another page and looked closely at the paper.

"Your academic exam results are pleasing, over 90% for all of your subjects."

I nodded.

He placed the files down on the table and went to collect his equipment, as if on command the nurses walked over to me and pulled me up.

Wow, they're really strong. I nearly felt my feet lift from the ground when they did so.

The doctor came over and the usual physical examination happened, strength test, muscle check, and probability of any health risks. How they gather and conclude the data to decide you on a scale was unknown to anyone, except for the doctors. I guess the authorities are afraid that some may hack into the system.

After all, their main goal is "to keep furthering mankind."

"20/20 vision." The doctor said as I began to put my shoes back on. He grabbed my files again and grabbed a big stamp from the shelf.

'Passed.' And down below on the notes section he scribbled down, 'Upgraded.'

He smiled at me and handed me a slip. "Congratulations 1146, you are now a first grade."

I accepted the slip and looked at it. It's similar to the other grade upgrade slips, but this one had a signature from the big man himself.

First grade huh. They even sent me a little gift package that was left on my table.

I haven't opened it, in fact I'm not even going to bother its probably just filled chocolates and other treats. I heard my next-door bunk got so many of this, she ended up being downgraded because of her body fat during the examinations and I never saw her again. Her attractiveness kept her high on the scales, but other than that, there was nothing special about her. I guess eventually when she lost that, they took her away.

I laid on my bed and crossed my hands behind my head. I wonder if first graders get a bigger bunk. Maybe a bunk big enough where there are different rooms, not just one big room with a bed, table and a simple toilet and shower.

Hm, that'll be interesting. I wonder what other rooms they would have, if they were to have different rooms.

I closed my eyes and took a deep breath in, in a way I feel a bit nervous for tomorrow, first graders begin to work for the authorities, and if you are loyal enough, you become one of them. I wouldn't dare to think of becoming an authority. I don't have the initiative to plan and accord things. I was more of a person that would follow the rules and go with it.

I guess that's one of the reasons why they upgraded me.

I got up and reached to the bottom of my bed and took out a book I found when I was in school. It was a children book we got read to, but it eventually got banned because parts of it went against the ideas of the authorities. But I managed to find a copy of this and kept it to myself, if anyone saw this they wouldn't be too happy about it. Maybe they'll even downgrade me.

I opened the first page of the book and began to read it. There wasn't much words, but the pictures and colours fascinated me. I wasn't allowed to draw once I graduated, because art expressed and extended people's thoughts. The authorities didn't like that. I guess that was one of the things that I missed about being a third grade, we were much closer to the dust valley that rumored to have a lot of things still left there before our planet's apocalypse.

I wonder if they had books like this.

I turned a page and the page illustrated a rabbit holding a leaf on top of its head, trying to shelter itself from the rain.

Water falling from the sky… I wonder if they have that when I move to first grade's area tomorrow.