Would you give your life away… to save yourself…?

Alheia, a place with no borders, a place where a human's life has no end. But humans have to pay a heavy charge to keep themselves alive for ever. That is what makes them hate their immortality immediately after; The Prison.

The Prison is not a location or a building, or anything like that. It is a state of the mind, which works every time a feeling or emotion is activated. It makes the mind become obsessed with the current emotion, while also bringing it to the highest rate possible for a person.

They used to say that The Prison is the result of a covenant with the devil. Now they say that humans have always been like that.

The effect of The Prison makes its appearance in teenagers starting from age 15. From that point on, they have no right of dying or killing someone else, according to the law.

'And why do we have to follow the bloody law?'

Sebastian was sitting on a thick branch of a tree in the eastern forest. His eyes were flaming with hatred while gazing at the sky.

'Why is this thing a law anyway?'
Sebastian muttered some swears under his breath and hid himself behind the tree's main branch to avoid being seen by two girls who were passing by right under him. His eyes filled with hatred once again.

'Those fools! I hate them!'

Sebastian has always had thoughts of killing, even from a young age. At first, he thought that something was wrong with him, but then he realized that he could see something wrong in everyone else. The way they behaved seemed so wrong to his innocent eyes.

Now he knows, he knows what makes all those people behave like fools. And what makes him mad about this, is that, today it is the last chance for him to be free, for tomorrow he will most probably be one of them.

When the two girls left, Sebastian jumped off the tree and spit on the ground.

'I hate all of this!'

He ran to a restroom near the entrance of the forest and got inside. He removed his jacket and shirt and poured cold water on his face. He let it run down to his body and enjoyed some moments of relaxation. Then, he took a look at himself in the mirror.

He and his friends have been thinking about doing something really bad on their 'Last Day of Freedom'.

There is this girl at their school, that continuously boasts about being able to handle The Prison for a year now, as she claims to be a year older than all the others. Because of her popularity, most of his classmates believe her. But he and his friends are sure that she is lying. So, they thought that they should do something to make her confess the truth; they were going to rape her.

It was scheduled for ten o'clock in the afternoon, and it was already nine. And he still wasn't sure if he really wanted to do it.

Well, okay, he hated people like her. But was it really right to make her pay for everything they believed…? His mind was really clouded. And he had to decide.

After some more thought, he decided to do it. He couldn't prove unreliable now, he had already agreed. He took a deep breath and opened the restroom's door to exist.

For a brief moment, everything was so quiet that the world seemed motionless. Darkness was all he could see. Seconds later, a loud scream was heard and something bumped on him.

"Aaaaaaaaaaaaaa!" It was without question a girly scream. And this girl had just bumped on his naked chest. He froze on the spot.

It was really dark so they couldn't see each other. The girl immediately took some steps backwards and started running away while shouting "I'm sorry!" weakly.

Sebastian was still confused, but decided to forget all about this and go back to the city to meet his friends. But, upon regaining control of his senses, something didn't feel right.

He looked around but it was too dark to see. Neither could he hear anything weird. He started having this feeling of terror. What was wrong?

The smell. Something was wrong with the smell. He could smell something, a smell so familiar, but he couldn't recall. He lowered his face and smelled the ground. It was close. Carefully, he extended his right arm and patted the ground around him.

He shivered as he felt something cold and liquid on his hand. He rushed to the restroom, turned the lights on and looked at his hand; it was covered in blood. His eyes widened.

He opened the restroom's door and let the light flow out, lightening up the surroundings. He freaked out when he noticed the thick red line the blood had created.

'What the hell?' he shouted at himself. He immediately assumed that this was that girl's blood. It wasn't there when he first came.

'I am going to regret this tomorrow…, but I have to find her!'