Sebastian raised his head. He swore he heard a voice just now. His mind was overflowing with thoughts again. He wondered if it was just him, or if someone really spoke. He decided to check.

"Who's there?" he shouted. His fierce voice echoed in the shadows. After all that happened that night, he wasn't sure if he could handle more of this insaneness. "Who's there?" he repeated.

"Heyyy!" he heard the same voice answer. He couldn't recognise it, but it did seem familiar somehow. The masculine voice apoke again. "Hey, man! You're so lucky to have been in there during the big doom!" Sebastian was confused. He got up and walked towards the balcony.

He was wondering about what the person who was speaking to him meant, but first he wanted to find out who that person was and whether he knew him or not.

"Who are you?" asked Sebastian in the same fierce tone.

"Me? Oh, yeah... Sorry..." muttered the man, "My name is Nick!..."

"Eh...? What?!"

"... You probably don't know me but I saw you earlier in the forest and followed you to get out. You were with that person, who was he... your dad?"

"He must be that boy! The one from before who left the others... He was following me? Why didn't I realise? And how didn't he realise that I was following his own friends?" Sebastian was even more confused now. He decided to try to hide this from that boy, Nick.

"Yeah... What do you want?"

"Um... cool down man! I'm not here to do anything bad... Just wanted some help... with something..."

"What is that guy talking about...?" thought Sebastian. The only thing he knew about Nick, was that he is likely to be in The Prison... that and nothing else. He wasn't sure if he could trust him, knowning that he can be out of control at times.

"And what is that?" he asked in that fierce tone again. Soon, he saw something move outside. He heard quick steps and a bump. Then, a pair of hands showed up on the railing of his balcony and another noise was heard, before a dark figure jumped over the railing and landed safely on the balcony, inches away from Sebastian.

Sebastian hated it when the moon was not visible, becuse he couldn't see a thing at night. Nick, who was standing in front of him, took a deep breath and grabbed Sebastian, leading him inside his bedroom.

"Look, I know this will seem strange, but I really need some help..." The two boys sat down and Nick turned his quite big cell phone on and activated the flashlight. Now they could see each other's face, which were lit by the pale white light.

Nick smiled at him. Sebastian looked at Nick's face and examined it. The first thing he noticed was the silver earing on his right eyebrow. He had big almond-shaped eyes of light brown colour and dark hair, which was cut in a complex spiky rock-style haircut. He also seemed to have dimples.

"Tell me..." said Sebastian.

"Well, how do I start... Look, today I was planning on going to the cinema with my friends three days ago, but there was a problem. My little sister had brought her best friend for a sleepover and I was supposed to take care of them for some hours. So, I had to bring them with me to the cinema... I found a nice kid's movie for those two and told them to go watch it. Then, me and my friends went to an different room to watch 'Three Hours'..." and suddenly, his smile dissappeared.

"I went to buy some popcorn for the others and told them to go ahead. While waiting, I saw an old woman getting inside the room where my sister was. At a first glance, she seemed like any other old lady, but, if you looked at her closely you could easily find out that in fact, she is a man. That I found really strange..."

"It truly is..."

"I gave the popcorn to my friends and told them I wanted to go to the toilet for a moment. I ran to the other room and spotted the disguised man. Then, I had an idea. I told him that I was an assisstant there and asked if he needed anything. As I expected, his voice was very strange. He told me that he didn't need anything, but he asked me if I could up the volume, with an excuse that his hearing was very bad. I told him I would try and left."

Sebastian was starting to have this feeling of uneasiness. He was wondering what all this had to do with the bullet and the car, which were mentioned earlier. He continued to listen carefully.

"I decided to tell the security, but before I could even make it to the reception, I saw another strange figure, this time a young lady. Again, there was nothing wrong about her at first sight, but she was holding her cell... like... you know..., as if she were an agent or something... and she was wandering around and pretending to be taking a look at the movie posters. I don't know... I found all this really strange and suspicious. I mean, wouldn't you...?"

Sebastian nodded without speaking. He still couldn't see where this was getting at, but he kept on listening to Nick's story.

"Then, I went to the room where my friends were and forced them to come outside, so that I could show them the strange woman. But when we got there, she had left. I went inside the room my sister was in, but the door was locked. Immediately, we ran to the emergency exit and ran towards the room. But on our way there, we saw two girls. One of them was crying and the other was holding her and helping her walk. Once they saw us, they starting running and shouting...


"Ruuuuuun!" the two girls runned passed us and kept on shouting 'run'. Worried, the three people ran as fast as they could towards the emergency entrance. The door was locked too. They tried to open it but they couldn't.

"Hey, Asia! Call the police!" shouted Nick. She dialed the number, but there was no signal in there. Nick told the other two to stay there in case the door opened or someone came, and he ran outside. Upon exiting, he spotted the two girls from before. He approached them and asked what happened.

"S-Someone was holding a gun..." said the little girl who was crying. "It was scary..."

"The man who was sitting behind us was talking on the phone, while we were watching the movie, and I was about to tell him to stop, when I heard a loud noise, like a shot and someone screamed. I turned around and saw a figure holding a gun and shooting someone. Immediately, I grabbed my sister and dashed to the emergancy exit, but someone showed up and tried to catch us. I kicked his head and ran outside. Then my sister started crying and we hid in another room to be safe..." added the older girl.

"Show me the room..." said Nick. The two girls guided him inside the emergency exit corridor. He explained to his friends what happened. Once they reached the right door, it was still locked, but they couldn't hear anything coming from inside.


"I ran outside and that girl followed me. We tried to get inside the room by the main door, but it still wouldn't open. I ran upstairs, to the control room, and finally found them. There were two men outside the control room. Once they saw us, they shoot. We dodged and started running downstairs."

"Where were all the others? The staff... where were they?" Asked Sebastian in shock. Nick raised his shoulders.

"I don't know... we saw no one there..."

"What happened next?"

"We found the othersdownstairs and ran all together outside. Those men weren't coming after us, but that was no good. There were more of them outside. We found a gun on the ground and my friend, Adon, used it to shoot two people. Then, we got in their car and escaped that crazy place."

"What about your sister? And her friend? What about everyone else?" asked Sebastian fiercely. Nick raised his shoulders again and moved his head right and left.

"I don't know... I think they were killed by those people..." Sebastian was frozen.

"How could he leave his sister behind...? Could it be... that damned Prison again?"

"Anyway, me and the others drove all the way here-"

"Wait! What?" Sebastian suddenly got up and shouted. The boy looked at Sebastian with a confused face. "What... did you say...? You.. You drove all the way here? Where do you live?"

"Yeah... we drove all the way here together. The fuel wasn't enough to drive furher. We came from a northern village, its name is Ravor." Sebastian gasped.

"What? Ravor? Seriously...?" Nick nodded. Ravor was more than 500 kilometers far away. Not only that, but it also was near the borders of Alheia with the neigbour country, Vette. Sebastian sat down and took a deep breath. But it was too muxh for him to handle altogether.

"You said this happened three days ago. What did you do in the meantime? And why were you in the forest? Why was that girl bleeding? And why did you-"

"What?" Nick snapped at him. "What did you say?" Sebastian's eyes widened, once he realised what he said. "How do you know about that?"

"Am I putting all the blame on The Prison, or am I simply a fool myself?" thought Sebastian. "Why do I keep on doing things like this, that get me into trouble? Why's all this happening to me? Who were these people? Why did the kill everyone? What do they want?"

He looked at Nick, who now had a frowning face and his hands crossed.

"Look... I just happened to be there... and I saw her... and then I got lost and found you inside the forest..."

"You met her?"


"How was she?" Asked Nick almost immediately. "Was she bleeding?" Sebastian moved his gaze away.

"Unfortunately, I don't think she will make it..." Nick stood up and grabbed Sebastian's shirt. His phone fell on the ground and everything was dark again.

"What?" he shouted, "What are you saying? Of course she will make it! She can't... die!" He let go off Sebastian's shirt and took some steps towards the balcony. "We have to find out who these guys are. We have to get a revenge! For my sister, for her mom... for everyone!"

"You know you can't do tha-"

"We have to try at least!" he shouted desperately. " least..."

Sebastian lowered his head.

"So... can you please help me? I will explain everything, I swear! But, please, help me!" Without much thought, Sebastian took Nick's cell phone from the ground, activated the flashlight again and approached him.

"Look, I'm serious. The blood was too much... I don't think she stands a chance..."

"Then let's go find her...! Now! Before it's too late!"

Sebastian sighed.

"Okay... At least I can ask him how to be a nice older brother..."