The Reason I Wrote This

I've read any number of books and blogs and travel items. I've watched many shows and movies and You Tube videos that talk about or exemplify travel. I know that this is not the first time that anyone has ever taken it upon themselves to write on this subject. I just wanted to put some ideas out there that I thought would be of interest to readers and travelers alike. I just wanted to share my point of view.

I believe in travel. For those of you who have spent your time in strange places that you got to by every form of plane, train, boat, and wheeled transport imaginable; this is for you. For anyone who ever tired of theme parks and Las Vegas. For anyone who ever wondered if there was more than the cruise ship and the beach. For anyone who truly knows the difference between travel and tourism, this one's for you.

I recently read a book that defined the difference between travel and tourism, and I found the concept fascinating. Travel is going somewhere to see what it's like. Tourism is going somewhere for the purpose of seeing the tourist attractions and doing the tourist things. I'd never really thought about that before, but the author was right. There is a difference. I know that recently the trends have leaned toward extreme activities, lots of theme parks, and lots of cruises. These are a lot of the travel concepts that we hear about in magazines, online, and on television. We look at a magazine and generally see what resort we can go to that has the best spa. That's not travel.

I walk a line somewhere between the two. I like tourism as long as it's something new and different from things I've done before. If I've already done it, why would I do it again? That's my philosophy. Now, if you like to do the same old, same old, that's great. By the way, that means that this book is not for you. If you like to sit on a boat or a beach, this book is not for you. If you like to jump out of planes, off of cliffs, or anything else daring and dangerous, this is probably not for you. I write for the curious, but not the adrenaline junkies. I write for the explorers, but not the extremists. I write about nice places, but not just spas and resorts. I write about boats, but not cruise ships.

What you will see in the pages to come are adventures. They are what most of us would consider once in a lifetime trips to places that we'd most likely never thought of visiting. The places that I write about are significant to people, history, culture, structure, religion, and beauty. I don't believe in extreme adventures. I don't believe in high levels of danger. I don't believe in theme parks—trust me on that one. I don't believe in cruise ships, resorts, spas, or relaxing vacations. I believe that most people are looking for adventure that doesn't get them killed. I think that people want something interesting, but not something that they need to fear.

Beauty has many facets. Castles are beautiful. Mountains are beautiful. Glaciers are beautiful. Nature is beautiful. Waterfalls, above all, to me are beautiful. Oceans are beautiful. Gorges are beautiful. But also, the history of a castle is interesting. What's on top of the mountain can be fascinating. The inside of a glacier is astounding. Interacting with nature is something that most people only dream of. Waterfalls sometimes cross the road, which is amazing. What goes on under the oceans is way more interesting that what goes on above. And gorges are some of the most unbelievable places on Earth. If something is 800 years old it is automatically interesting. If a gorge has a road through it, you want to see what it's like. What if your restaurant was under the sea? What if your restaurant was on top of a mountain? Suddenly, where you eat becomes of interest. See how it works?

So, as potential travelers, I ask you; have you ever given an elephant a bath? Have you ever had dinner in an underwater restaurant? Have you ever been on a trip in a real life submarine? Have you ever been to an island made of reeds? Have you ever cooked your lunch in volcanic ground? Have you ever learned to fly a plane? Have you ever traveled on a container ship? If this sound like something that might pique your interest, then you are who I am looking for as an audience.

I write for normal people who want to travel and experience the world. I write for people who want to do something amazing, but they don't want to have to train for it. I write for people who have the desire to have an adventure, but aren't sure what to do. I write for people who would like to take a walk in a rainforest canopy, but aren't sure where or how to do that. I write for anyone who ever wanted to have an adventure without risking life and limb.

If you are looking for an adventure that anyone can do, then you've come to the right place. That's why I call this "Adventures for Anyone."

Note: This is going to be a compilation of my blog, Adventures for Anyone. I hope you like it.