Of all things, things are the most peculiar things. What sort of things are things? You could say that things are things one can have, say: your things, my things, his things, or her things. Or perhaps something you don't want to describe, say: those things, THAT thing, or just plain THING. Is a thing a thing that which could be held and touched? A book is a thing, but what of the story it contains? Is it a thing? But what of a thing in a picture, like a pear. The pear is a thing in the picture, but you cannot hold that pear. Is it still a thing? The picture is, but what of the pear? Money is another strange thing, if it even is a thing. People always want more, but they hardly touch it and they are constantly trading it for other kinds of things. A record, a disk, or a tape, are all things. But what of the music they play? It can be a thing in the background but is it truly a thing? A hammer or saw are both things, but they are also tools, are they still things? And to go even deeper, consider these: someTHING, anyTHING, nothing, everything and THINGamajig. An unknown thing, any kind of thing, a lack of a thing, all things, and an odd often strange fiddly thing. Thing one and Thing two. A pet is not a thing, nor a person, so it seems that if a thing is really a thing, than it has no mind of its own. But if that which had a mind of its own suddenly didn't, and things did. Then what is what? Are the things still things and the not-things still not-things? Or did the things become not-things and the not-things things? So what is a thing? Officially things are nouns, usually a descriptive term. But I ask, are they more than that? I say again, what is a thing? And what do you think a thing is?