Doctor Dee turns to Kieran, his trusted sidekick, the youngest of his malicious agents.

"You know what you have to do, yes?" Dee says in his slick, charming voice.

"Yes sir," the young boy
replies, his voice stoic.

"Good." Dee turns back to look out the large bay window that is set to look out across the ocean, his black gloved hands clasped behind his back regally. "In time we will have N's most precious agent and eventually N herself."

Kieran shows no sign of responding to the doctor. Dr. Dee spins around, unclasping his hands, laughing manically and rubs his hands together, his cackle ringing out. Kieran simply looks out the window with a pained expression. He doesn't want to hurt these women. They just want to help the world. But he will do as the doctor tells him, because he is to follow all orders, at any costs.