Even I
Didn't Know

I walked into me 1st period class in St. Mary's High School that morning. It was Algebra 1, my teacher was Mr. Newsome. I sat in my seat, and put down my book bag, took out some paper and a pencil, and copied the day's assignment. I heard Mr. Newsome say,

"Patrick here today?"

"Right here." I said raising my hand.

"Anyone see him this morning? Anybody. Guess he is absent."

"I'm right here." I called. Nobody acknowledged me or even looked my direction. I stood up and walked to Mr. Newsome's desk. "Sir, I am right here. I'm not absent." Mr. Newsome ignored me and began talking.

"Today we are reviewing two-step equations. Just review to prepare for the next lesson." I grabbed his pencil and attempted to erase the "A" next to my name. To no avail I threw the pencil across the room and it hit the wall.

Everyone turned around, saying things like "Where did that pencil come from?" and "Who threw that?". Utterly confused that they did not see me throw it, I decided to leave the room and wash my face. I was insane. I left the room, watching the kids become shocked when the definitely closed (and locked) door opened and then slammed. They shouted and were perplexed.

I went to the bathroom, and opened approached a sink. I turned it on and splashed my face. I watched a student next to me nearly collapse when he saw the faucet turn on. He sprinted from the rest room, slipping on some water and hitting his elbow on the way out.

"Geez, I'm not THAT disliked." I muttered. I splashed my face with water, letting the cool liquid sluice down my skin. I looked up into the mirror and nearly collapsed myself. What I SHOULD'VE seen was a kid with dirty blonde hair, blue-green eyes, medium sized round chin, a medium build, and a narrow nose. What I DID see was completely different.

I was missing an eye, my hair was shredded and falling out in clumps, the skin on the end of my chin was completely gone, my nose was broken, and my chest had multiple gunshot wounds.

I whipped my head down and splashed water on my face again. This time for nearly five minutes. I looked back up and was relieved to see my normal face.

"What the fuck?" I thought to myself. At the moment of thinking that, the lights inside the bathroom flickered, went out, and came back on. Still staring into the mirror, I saw something almost transparent behind me. I couldn't make out what it was, but I did see it had what looked like horns and jagged teeth.

I ran from the bathroom faster than the first kid, and slipped as well. I ran back into the classroom and once again the kids were shocked to see the door open and close. I picked up a marker off a desk and wrote on the board, "can anyone see me?" Everyone freaked out, and watched as beneath it I wrote "Patrick Barrett". I saw my girlfriend Janette begin to sob. People knew that she and I were dating, and began to ask what was wrong. She couldn't answer, so instead, my best friend Bradley stood up.

"What is wrong?" Mr. Newsome asked Janette, he too seeing the board.

"Mr. Newsome," Bradley began. "It wasn't on the news yet but, Patrick Barrett was killed last night." I was stunned, this had to be a prank. It had to be. I stumbled back and fell, knocking over a chair, and everything on Mr. Newsome's desk. People screamed as they watched things fall and break without explanation. I leaned on Mr. Newsome's desk and began to weep uncontrollably.

The classroom went quiet, as people listened intently.

"What is that?" Maria, Janette's best friend, asked.

"Crying," Dalton, my other friend, said. "Patrick is in the room." People screamed and cried, scared out of their minds. The students and teacher quickly left the room, and the teens were all sent home early.

Since then they closed off the room, nobody is allowed in, not even janitors. I still live there, sobbing for all eternity until one day the school will get torn down and my soul will move on. I did hear however, that Janette ended up getting psychiatric help, and Bradley moved.

I never found out what I saw that day in the mirror. I pray that it wasn't the devil or a demon. For now though, I sit in that room, watching as wood rots and nature reclaims the since untouched room.