Natalia opened her eyes to the fresh breeze of daybreak against her pale skin. It was time for her to work. She pulled herself up from her place in the frosty tree. Balancing on her bare feet, she smoothed out her midnight blue gown and pitch black cloak. She took off with a flourish, going to fetch the tendrils of night. She felt alive, cold wind biting her nose and whipping her long locks of navy blue hair in her face. Most everybody tried to vanquish her night, for reasons she would never understand.

Soon, Natalia had arrived at the resting place of the night tendrils. She summoned them with her long, elegant fingers. They rose at her will, ready to serve their master. Once she was sure she had a good hold on them, she fluttered into the sky, bringing night to the world. As she swept over the sleeping souls, a small smile appeared on her face that reached her ice blue eyes. They soon frosted over, however, for the sight before her replaced the glee with disgust. She had stumbled upon two men, in their late twenties, she assumed, who had backed a young girl of about sixteen into an alley, wolfish grins on their beastly faces. It didn't take a genius to know what they were planning. She whispered to her tendrils in the language of old Nature, which all natural beings spoke, for it was the language that had brought them to life. She told them to go on without her. She held one back, because she would need its help to deal with these men. She swooped down into the alley, silent as a mouse. She took the tendril and wrapped it around the man-scum, cloaking them with her darkness. She grabbed the girl in her arms and soared to safety. The girl was shivering, shell shocked and speechless. Looking at her fear-filled eyes, Natalia felt a tug inside her. If she hadn't interfered, this girl's life would be ruined. As she placed her at the house that was surrounded with police lights, Natalia decided she would take responsibility for the children in the night. They needed somebody to be there for them, and she could be that person. After ensuring that the girl was safe, she took off to catch up with her servants, humming a lullaby of the night.

HEY HEY HEY! How do you like it? I was bored and thought of this. Check out the song Come Little Children. I don't know who it's by, but it's really good. I have to go, but I'll see you soon!