The Mistake

'I'm sure it wasn't that bad.' I say, rolling my eyes at her, as she lays next to me.
'No, really. She was so patronising!'
'Well you'll find out how bad it actually is tomorrow when it airs.' I say laying back onto my pillow.
'What?' She shrieks, obviously surprised about something. 'It's- it's airing tomorrow? Wh- how do you know?'
'The ad. They didn't show any of the footage but they definitely made a huge deal about it.' I say calmly.
'Wh- that explains rushing everything...' She mumbles to herself, blinking rapidly. I slip my arm over her shoulders.
'Look, it'll be fine. From what you've told me, it's not that bad.'
'Look, shhh,' I say, shoving my finger over her lips. 'For two seconds just shut up alright?' She nods and I pull my finger back.
'Just watch it and if it's that bad just take a day off school so it can fly over easily and without trouble from the others. Ok?'
'Ok.' She looks up at me. And then she shivers.
'What?' I ask, my eyebrows frowning in confusion.
'I didn't get much sleep last night.' she answers simply.
'Nightmares?' I ask, knowing the answer already.
'Yeah. They're back.' My grip on her shoulders tightens protectively. 'But they're different again.'
She explains the dream to me - the corridor, the doors, the hazel eyes - and I shuffle down so my head is level with hers. When she's finished and shaking, I lean over and kiss her cheek.
'Only a week left and I'll be out. And then you won't be fighting this alone.' I say, secretly smirking to myself. I know it's a lie. But I want it to be a surprise on Monday, when I actually get out.
'Oi, what are you smirking about?' She asks, smiling herself.
'Nothing. Well, actually no. Finally getting out of hospital isn't nothing.'
'Yeah...' Her smile is stretched into a huge, happy, crescent shape. 'I'm gonna be so happy when you get out of here.'
'What, so we can make out without worrying about being interrupted by nursing staff?' I reply, acting snarky.
'Must you turn everything I say into something sexual?'
'Yes. Otherwise things wouldn't be as fun.' I give this sort of dorky smile and I receive a harmless slap. I hold my face anyway, as if Vanessa actually did some damage. But instead she recoils herself, holding her hand. She accidentally slapped me with her sprained wrist. She'd taken the bandage off when she visited, saying it needed air otherwise it would shrivel into a dry, cracked state rather like dried fruit.
'You ok?' I ask.
'No.' She mumbles, caressing her arm.
'Here...' I say, taking her arm from her. She looks intrigued and stares at me. I simply lean down and kiss her wrist, for longer than I expected apparently. I raise my head and she does the same, staring into my eyes, her eyes dodging back and forth from each of my eyes.
'Charlie, I-'
'Look, sorry to interrupt the lovey-dovey moment,' both of our heads snap to the door. Nurse Roberts stands there again. 'But Mr Trickerr needs to have his dinner.'
Vanessa slips out from underneath my arm and into the visitors' chair. She puts her feet up on it, her arms holding her knees to her chest. I sigh, wondering what she was going to say. I wonder if she'll say it after Nurse Roberts goes away. She pulls my food tray out and places my dinner on it. She gives us both knowing looks before leaving the room, shutting the door behind her. I pick my fork and go to eat, but then I think twice.
'Do you want any of this? I know you're running low on food.' I also know that's she not eating enough with food in her house. It feels like she knows that and refuses.
'So, what were you saying before?'
'Oh,' she says, snapping out of her daze. She leans her cheek on one of her knees, looking at me. 'Just that I love you.'
I smile and push my food tray over and gesture for her to come over. She smiles and gets up out of the chair. She kneels down beside my bed so our heads are level.
'What?' She asks, smiling. I pull my hand towards her face and stroke her cheek lightly with my thumb.
'Don't go wasting your emotions,' I say, a half-smile creeping on my face. 'Lay all your love on me.'
'Are you seriously trying to seduce me with Abba lyrics?' She mumbles, raising her eyebrow at me.
'Yes.' I whisper. 'Did it work?'
'A little.' Is her reply. I reach over to kiss her but she pulls away.
'Uh uh.' She says, her eyebrows going up. 'No more kissing in the hospital. We already get cheek from all the nurses. I think we can calm it down in the last week.'
'Awww.' I moan. 'That ruins the fun! And I mean, come on...' I lean over, purposefully biting my lip. 'Who doesn't like a little hype... The fear that someone could walk in just makes it that little bit better... The adrenalin running through your veins...' She looks at my lips and bites her own...
'I get enough adrenalin just being with you...' She sighs, looking from my lips and my eyes.
'Should I be happy about that?' I ask, smirking.
'Oh, yes. You should.' She breathes, getting closer to my face. She gets close enough that I think she'll kiss me, giving in to her word. But she pulls away last second.
'Hey!' I say, feeling a little cheated. 'What's the big deal?'
'It's fun to get you all excited and then leave you hanging.'
'That's not cool, bro.'
She looks at the door quickly and then turns back to me. She leans in and pecks my lips. 'There. Happy?'
'A little.'
She grins and leans back down, looking at the clock. 'I think I should go soon. I'm exhausted.'
'Ok. You can go if you want. I'll just sit here,' I look dramatically forlorn. 'And be lonely and forgotten.'
'You idiot.' She says, getting off of her knees and grabbing her bag.
'Forget me not, my sweet! I'm here always.' I yell as she opens the door, she gives me a cringing look. 'Sorry, I couldn't help myself.' I whisper, smiling like jerk. She shakes her head before leaving the room.

I unlock my door with great struggle, my grocery bags balanced on one hand. I dump them on the table and ruffle through them, grabbing the dairy and other products that need to go in the fridge. I rush over to the kitchen with my arms full, trying not to drop everything. They fall out onto the counter. I open the fridge and place the items in accordingly. Well, I'm covered for food for a few weeks. I turn the TV on for five seconds but turn it off. It's just noise now. I don't know if I should watch the interview or not. I mean, if I do, I definitely won't want to go to school tomorrow. Now that I think about it, it's all a blur. I have no memory of the questions or my answers. All I remember is wanting to get out as soon as possible. And thinking about food on the balcony. I go back to the bags and bring them into the kitchen to sort through them. That'll give me something to keep my mind off of things.

I nibble at my fingernails, anxiously sitting up straight on the couch, waiting for the interview. It can't be that bad. Can it? I'm not saying a word. Why are you being so quiet lately? You used to be filling my head with putrid thoughts every second. Now there's silence half the time. Do you miss me? I thought you liked the silence. It's unnerving. I never know when you're going to start again.
The previous news story ends and they announce that after the break the interview will be shown. Never have I ever been so edgy about the ads going faster. It's like I'm in the interview again. I want it over already. I get up and walk around the room, tilting a picture frame there, dusting off a surface there, needing the distraction before I pull my hair out. I look at the frame I tilted into place. It's one of Grace's paintings. She gave it to me a few days after I got back as a coming home present. I told her and Sophie about the dream I had the first night, you see. When they visited me one time, just them two. So, she painted me the dream. It's so accurate it's as if she saw it, as if she was there. It's my mother standing in the field, her white dress, red ribbon and hair blowing. The fence that blocked me from getting to her can just be seen at the bottom of the page. She tried really hard on it and she did it when she was supposed to be doing her project sometimes. I never really thanked her enough for it. One of your closest friends... And yet you didn't thank her for giving you something to remind you of your mother? I did. Just perhaps not enough. Suddenly, my ears prick up and the music that introduces the news after the ad starts playing. I run over to my couch and jump over the back of it. I'm back into my nervous state. My feet start shaking and rattling on the floor so pull them up and sit with my legs crossed.
'Now, Michelle Graten has an interview with stab victim Vanessa Amarez.' Monique Stretton, the reporter for the front news desk says. The screen turns to black and the dramatic music starts playing. Here we go. They don't show the interview footage first though. They start off with this over dramatic voice over and the screen lights up to the shot of me over-looking the balcony.
'Vanessa Amarez; the girl who's still fighting. Vanessa Amarez lost her mother in a tragic accident 5 months ago. We interview her tonight on the happenings that night and in the following months after the incident.'
The interview follows after a fade out to black. My answers make it seem like I'm a pretentious arse who doesn't have time to answer the questions. But really I just wanted to get out. I feel like it's more my love life they want and not what actually happened that night. When the interview is over, it fades back to all the different balcony shots and the voice over returns.
'What more will Vanessa have to face? We'll have to wait and see.' It ends on a close-up shot of my eyes. I didn't even notice the cameraman changing his position. I guess I was just wrapped up in my own thoughts. It's fades to black and then switches back to Monique at the news desk. I turn off the television. As I said. Noise. I get off of the couch and stretch my arms and my back. I know one thing at least. I'm definitely not going to school tomorrow. Everyone will be hounding me. I won't even be able to get out of class. I grab my phone and go to log out of Facebook, knowing that I'll be getting messages all night. One's from Jason. That's weird. He usually sends twenty about nothing and a news report comes around and only one. I open it, curiosity getting the better of me.
Jason: 2 minutes ago
Just saw you on the news. You did good kid. ;)
I'm confused... Why send so many messages and then just one? I ignore it and press Log Out.

I wake up to the bing of my iPhone in the morning. I search for it blindly, my eyes still closed and wanting to sleep. I turn it on and squint my eyes even more. It's eleven in the morning. I unlock it and check what the bing was for. A message. From Jason. Of course.

Jason: 1 minute ago
I notice you're online... At school. Which I doubt because even if you did figure out the schools Internet password - it's Barrendale1234 for future use - Facebook is not a legible site therefore you either have gotten a new phone plan or you're at home. So, tell me.

I look at the message in utter awe. I don't even know- is he Sherlock or something?

Jason, I'm home and you know why.

I reply because it's not like I have anything else to do.

She answers! And no I don't understand why you would be staying home. But I do understand that maybe a movie marathon is needed at your place, like, right now.

How'd you guess?


Stop with the references. I get them ok?


Me: that another reference?

Of course! ;)

Ok, lover-boy. What do you want?

Just to talk to little, old you of course? Why so blue, hm?

Apart from the fact that weather is exactly like my mood? Oh that's a tough one. Ok, so this guy I'm messaging kissed me when I have a boyfriend and he knew it, there's also this other guy who wants to kill me and I feel like I'm losing my mind.

Well, nothing a little LOTR marathon can't help!

Oh, no! You are not coming over!

My phone doesn't load for ages even though it says I have a message.
'Hurry up you stupid thing!' I shout at it, slapping it with my hand. It finally loads.

Jason: 3 minutes ago
Watch me!

'No, no, no, no!' I scream in person. HE'S NOT COMING OVER. No. Him + Me + alone = no-no! This is bad! Why can't he just act like a decent human and leave me to myself? Well, actually a decent human being would help a person in need, but I don't want that human being to be Jason. Not because I don't want him. No, actually for that exact reason. What is going on? My mind is just screwing around with me. Pulling me towards Charlie one second and Jason the next. He's coming over. You can't stop him. Just go with it. It might end well for you. As if. 'Ending well' isn't in my encyclopedia of life. What if it will be? What is that supposed to mean? If you're a part of me, than you can't see into the future. Who ever said you can't? I blink to myself, breathing loudly. He's not that far away and he'll be driving. So, he should really be here any minute. In fact that message was five minutes ago now. He would be over already wouldn't he? It barely takes 3 minutes. I sigh with relief. This is why you need me. You are always going for the positive side, the side that is in your favour. But that never works out, does it? But I go to put a bra on anyway. It's lunchtime and Sophie said she might just pop in and give me some of her mum's homemade muffins. The doorbell rings as I pull the bra over my head. I go out in just the bra. It's just Sophie, after all. Is it? I unlock the door and open it before questioning the voice.
'Soph-' that's not Sophie. Not Sophie at all. 'Oh my god! Jason!' I slam the door in his face and slump onto it. Always the good side, never the bad. You need me. I suspect, I see the bad. You need me in your head. Shut up already. Just don't be a prick and maybe you can stay. Not only has he kissed me now, but he has seen me in my bra. Great. You have to admit, you like it a little bit. I'm sure he liked it. I'm sure he liked it a lot. I run into my room and pull on the shirt I had on before. I take a deep breath in before returning to the door. I open it slowly, but not fully. Just enough so I can fit my head into the gap.
'That was a lovely entrance.' Jason smirks at me.
'Shut your mouth!' I say harshly. 'Why did you come here?'
'The Tea Party, of course!' He shouts, jovially. He mimes taking off a hat in a gentlemanly gesture. In return, I give him a look of utmost exhaustion.
'I was not invited.' I say, shutting the door but he catches it with his fingers.
'I have the extended versions of each of the three Lord of the Rings movies.' He says, in desperation. 'Will you let me share it with you?'
My nerd self brightens and I open the door an inch.
'With two special feature disks each?' I whisper, my eye looking through the crack. My nerd self takes over my mind. Giving in? Or no? Give in. You know how much you love Lord of the Rings. Just do it. You don't have to sit near him.
'Yeah.' He breathes. I open the door fully and invite him in.

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