Louise is a tomboy and really tough. She secretly wants to play professional football, even though girls can't play. She dresses up as a guy and put her hair up and puts a hat on. Louise went to a try-out for the Los Angeles Black Stallions. She knew she wasn't big enough to knock down the other players, but she could really run fast. She outran all the other players and got on the team. She said her name was Luis.

COACH: What's your name?

LOUISE: I'm Louise.


LOUISE: No, no, Luis!

She changed into her uniform at home so the other players wouldn't see her. She was famous for never taking her helmet off so nobody ever saw her face and knew she was a girl. She made her team better because she was so good. They went to the Super Bowl. She made the winning touchdown but her helmet got knocked off and everybody saw she was a girl. The other team got mad and said that they can't win because she's a girl. Her own team was surprised but then they were on her side. The referees said her team didn't win because she was a girl and girls can't play. But she said to look at the rule book. They said we already know girls can't play, we don't have to look at the rule book. And she said to just look at it.

OTHER TEAM PLAYER: No fair! She's a girl!

LOUISE: So what?

REFEREE: That score doesn't count. You're a girl.

LOUISE: Look at the rule book.

REFEREE: We already know. Girls aren't allowed to play.

LOUISE: Just look at the book!

And they did. And they were surprised to find that nothing in the rule book said anything about gender. It just says "player." And they were shocked. And they said okay, you win.

REFEREE: Oh my gosh, it DOES just say "player." There's no rule against girls!

LOUISE: Told ya so!

REFEREE: The score remains. The Black Stallions win!

And her teammates and the fans in the stadium were screaming "Luis is the man! Luis is the man!" And she said, "No, Louise is the man!"

TEAMMATES and FANS: Luis is the man! Luis is the man!

LOUISE (grabbing a microphone): No, LOUISE is the man!

The End


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