This might be a tad bit stupid. It's probably very weird. I wrote this in a space of five minutes, and very late at night. I hope you enjoy, though.

Once upon a time, in a grocery store, there lived a tomato named Jerry. He had a best friend, who was a pickle, named Larry. Jerry and Larry were troublemakers. They pulled awful pranks on the other foods, such as:

-rolling the soda cans across the floor, (Soda hates that,)

-putting the oranges into the juicer,

-and terrorizing the cheerios by mixing them into the baby food. 1

The foods finally had enough of this. The vegetables called the fruit, who sent for the meat, who sent for the pizza, who sent for the cereal, who collected the coffee and other beverages.

They captured Jerry and Larry, and took them to the meat section. They then threw them into the meat shredder. Jerry and Larry were dead. The End.

Yeah, it's pretty weird. That's what happens when I write and drink coffee at the same time.

Author note:

1. Mixing the cheerios in with the baby food. The employees always wondered how that happened, and why it stopped suddenly. They also couldn't account for hearing little tiny screams coming from the jars of mixed squash.